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Sam's Room

Rob, Dublin, Ireland
November 2005

Hello. I only recently discovered this site, and have a short experience of my own.

Myself and my family, (wife and toddler) moved into our house 3 years ago. I knew the house as I grew up very close to it, and never heard of any goings on or anything else.

My son (Sam) was 2 at the time. His bedtime is 7.30pm, but he would usual go asleep about 30mins to an hour after this time. During the time he was put to bed to falling asleep, he would be laughing very heartily, or deep in a baby conversation. We passed it off as him being playful and not ready to go asleep. But this continued almost every night, from the time he was able to talk. So one day we asked him who was he talking to, expecting him to say a teddy bear or nobody, but he said that he was talking the to "baba" (baby). This gave us a bit of a fright, but I felt that it was maybe his Guardian Angel, or some friendly spirit. Wasn't causing any harm to us or Sam, so we returned the favour.

We got used to these little chats. So late last year, approaching Christmas, we did a bit of a clean up, and we put a small portable TV into Sams room for when he was older. I put it on a locker which is just inside his door, facing his bed which was on the opposite side of the room. That was the Saturday. The next day I was in the house on my own, when I was passing Sams room and noticed that the TV had been turned to an angle facing the door. Thinking that my wife or my dad, who helped the clean up moved it, I didn't think anything of it. Until I checked with them that is. They both denied moving the TV, and as Sam was only 2, there's no way he would have moved it. I left it alone that night. The next afternoon (Monday) I was getting some clothes out of Sams room when the TV had been moved back to its original position, facing Sams bed. Again, I checked with my wife to see if she fixed it, but she didn't. So in the space of 3 days, the TV had been moved from facing the bed, to facing the door, to back to facing the bed again, with nobody claiming responsibility. I know my wife wouldn't move it messing as she gets freaked out easy, so that leaves me and our 2 year old.

Other things have happened, maybe coincidence or whatever, but a few times whilst walking up the stairs I've heard some of Sams toys going off, toys that need to be pressed by somebody. One evening I was halfway up the stairs and I was greeted by one of Sams toys saying, "Almost there" and "Just a little further".

I wonder if there is a friendly spirit in our sons room having a laugh, or a coincidence. Wouldn't explain the TV though.

Rob, Dublin, Ireland
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