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Samuel's Room

England, UK
March 2000

This is my story, sorry if it gets a little confusing but lots happened in the space of a few days. It's really long too, sorry!

Firstly, I'm a total wimp when it comes to staying alone in places, you know, just in case I see a ghost. This probably comes from the fact I have a sixth sense, which is getting stronger with time. Also, I live on ancient burial ground. But on with the story............

My sister Beth has three kids, each aging a year apart from each other (1,2 and 3 at the time of this story) The youngest boy called Samuel, the little girl of two, Lauren, and finally Anthony, at three. Plus my sister has a boyfriend Julian and with all those people you need a pretty big house. Well Beth put in for a house and fortunately (or not) landed a three story council house. My father and I went to check it out with her. Now as I mentioned I can sense presences, and as I also mentioned my house is on a graveyard. If my house is haunted, I can feel it's a teenage boy of around 18 who wears a baseball cap and peers over the bannister.

When I walked in Beths house, it felt weird. As soon as you walk in there's a toilet, and on the door were children's scrawling. In green crayon was the name 'Kara'. I thought nothing of it and walked around. I wasn't willing to let my imagination spoil Beth's new house for me, but as I left, I had to admit the top floor, which had two bedrooms decorated with The Lion King (obviously children rooms) felt pretty awful.

Later that year, in summer, I stayed over a lot with my other sister and her friend, both 16, and two non-relatives, 16 and 13. Plus being young ladies we always had boys around, and it was a nice little gang. One day the non-relative and I were sitting around outside the living room on the second floor, in front of the stairs leading to the top floor which was unoccupied. Everybody was downstairs. We were talking when we heard the sound of children's footsteps running hurriedly across the length of Samuel's bedroom. We ignored it although completely in the knowledge everyone was downstairs. Shortly after, we heard heavy slow booming footsteps, like a mans, in pursuit in what seemed to be the child. As I said, I'm a wimp, so I wasn't willing to check it out. But the non-relative did. Shortly after peering in the door, she came running downstairs really fast, pulling me along with her. She told me she saw a big black figure of a well built man on Samuel's empty bed. This continued, the footsteps beginning to reach further and further outside of the room, across the landing. I'll also add when we heard these footsteps, we'd tap the ceiling/bedroom floor and we'd hear identical taps back, including muffled shouts of 'go away' which sounded like a mans, even when the room was empty.

I used to stay at Beth's constantly over summer and was pretty scared. But the gang was fun and I didn't want to leave.

One day I invited my fried Abbey to stay at Beth for a weekend with me. I explained everything to Abbey ( a fellow wimp). It was a gorgeous summer evening around 6:CPM and everyone-Beth, Kids , Julian, Gang- were on the lawn outside. Abbey and I were in our own little world when Lauren became thirsty. Beth asked me to go to the living room (you had to pass the top floor stairs) and get her bottle. Unwillingly, I took Abbey with me. She waited on the landing while I cautiously fetched the bottle. Abbey was already down the stairs when I passed the top stairs. As I walked by, I heard this: The child footsteps running from Sams room followed by the mans, which ran right across the landing ( I recall seeing the top of a brown head of hair once) and panting of a frightened child. Then, a little girls voice, RIGHT IN MY EAR said this, in a voice SO scared:
I...I...Is anybody there?" I screamed and ran down the stairs, and Abbey held her arm out to stop me. I was so panicked I swore and pushed her down the stairs in fright. I ran out of the house, flung the bottle at Beth and went for a walk to calm me. That night I called my dad who came and got me. As I was leaving I saw the top of that brown head peering out of Sams bedroom window.

A few weeks later the non relative informed of this: she checked out what the neighbors had to say, and apparently many many years ago, a little girl called Kara lived there (remember the crayon? I'm guessing she was responsible for the panting and footsteps) was killed by her father (the male footsteps) after a chase in the house. This is SO true!

England, UK
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