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Santa Claus Imposter

December 2000

Christmas, 1987. I was nearly eight, and had just enjoyed a wonderful time at my grandparents' home, opening gifts, and everything else that goes with a merry Christmas.

Hours later, I was asleep at home, when I was awakened by I don't know what. There was no noise, and I hadn't been having one of those dreams that jolts you awake. But instinctively, I looked into the living room (the bed faced the bedroom door, which adjoined our living room and gave a good view of the area around the front door).

I saw this shadow-figure standing near the Christmas tree. He was just standing there, not doing anything. I wasn't scared, even when he vanished. I heard someone whistling--no tune, just one note--and he swirled around a central point in his chest and disappeared.

Now, why wasn't I scared? Remember, it was Christmastime and I was seven years I thought it was Santa Claus! But now I'm nearly twenty-one, and I'm afraid I've outgrown what was it? I don't actually believe in ghosts, and the house had no prior history; no one lived there before Mom and I moved in. So there was no reason for it to be haunted. Occasionally, when I talk to Mom about what I saw that night, she takes different views. Half of the time, she thinks I was dreaming. But I know for a fact that I was awake, and I know I saw something. The question is...............What?

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