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Sarah's Grave

July 2000

The legend of Sarah's grave begins somewhere around the end of the late 1800's just outside of a small town in Ohio.

The story goes that a little girl about 6 or 7 years old was being punished by her mother and was sent to her room and her mother locked the door. A few short hours later somehow the house caught on fire and the mother tried desperately to save her daughter but was unsuccessful and her daughter died locked inside her room. Another version of the story is that the house caught on fire and the little girl ran back inside to grab her baby doll. Years later the area where the house had been was built up into farm land. Right next to where this supposed house burnt down there is a small bridge. It is said that if you are brave enough that while your headlights are on that you should place a baby doll on the road. Then return to your car and turn off the lights then just as quickly turn them on and the doll will disappear. There is also the the rumor that if you turn of your car and try to start it up again that it won't turn over.

Well one of my younger brothers and his friends decided to take a midnight right to this mysterious "Sarah's Grave". They took and old baby doll with them and stopped at the bridge they left it running and my brother and his friend both got out and placed the doll in the middle of the road. They ran back to the car and turned the headlights off and then on again. When they looked out the doll was gone. They immediately turned right around and came back home.

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