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Savannah Madame

September 2000

This story is about a ghost that lives in a friends house. Before I get into the story about her, you need to understand the circumstances in which my friend bought the house.

First of all, Savannah, GA is supposed to be the most haunted city in the south. There are a million ghost stories bouncing around that town, and they even have a haunted pub tour during Halloween. Its just more of an excepted thing there.

My friends J and A moved to Savannah, GA, in the 1980's broke and alone. They decided to start a catering business. The first few years were rough, but slowly they started to make it in the town. (Savannah is a very tight knit community. They love tourists, but strangers get the cold shoulder until they prove they are worthy of this small town. I could write a book on it, but we'll just leave it at that.) After they collected enough money they decided to buy a house so they could cater from the home. After searching for a while they found a lovely two story, A-frame home with a two car garage. An older widow owned the home and seemed all to eager to sell. They went through the house-buying formalities and settled on a move in date.

When they arrived at their new home they were surprised to find that the old woman had left without taking hardly anything. The house was completely furnished! Sense J and A were still poor, they didn't see it as a bad thing except for maybe the old woman's taste. Slowly but surly over the years they remodeled and replaced her things until there was only one room left as she left it. It is a large bedroom on the second floor. The bottom floor consists of a living room, kitchen, laundry room, office, bedroom with bath, and the entrance to the garage (now a complete kitchen, and gorgeous). The upstairs only has two bedrooms separated by a bathroom, one bedroom small and one large. Only a year ago A made the small bedroom into her office. Thus, the large bedroom remains the only unchanged room in the house. This is important, so please bear with me.

I met J and A when I became their employee. I worked at their catering business for about a year before I found another job. During that time J and A had not only become friends, I looked upon them as part of my family. They are fun people who love to laugh and have a good time as well as two of the best darn cooks in all of the south! We remained very close, even after I moved to St. Louis, MO with my boyfriend. He had found a better job. Leaving Savannah was a sad parting, mostly because of J and A. Because of this, my man and I visit Savannah every chance we get. J and A, always the gracious hosts, let us stay with them when we are in town. Seeing as we spend most of our time with them anyway, it just made sense.

NOW I'll get to the story. J and A have never talked about any ghosts in the house. They told me about the history of the house and that was pretty much it. The first time we stayed with them, nothing happened. However, the second time we stayed with them I became ill and went upstairs to take a nap. My boyfriend went to visit another friend, and J and A were busy getting ready for a party they needed to cater that night. I was laying on my stomach when I heard the door open. I thought maybe it was my boyfriend getting his swimming trunks. (J and A have a very nice pool). Then I felt some one "walking" their fingers up the back of my legs. I thought maybe it was an employee of J and A that I used to work with, so I woke up and began to turn around to say hi. There wasn't anyone there. The door was closed. Chalking it up to a dream, I laid back down and started to go back to sleep. The bed started shaking like someone was hitting it with their knees, hard. I knew I was awake, I knew I was alone, so I got up very quickly and left. I felt that whatever it was wanted me to wake up.

I didn't mention this to J or A, but I did mention it to my boyfriend. This is not the first experience I have had, so he wasn't surprised. He didn't believe me, but he wasn't surprised.

That night we went to bed and I had all but forgotten about the nap incident. That, and about two bottles of champagne helped me get to sleep very quickly. About 4 in the morning I woke to the sound of a radio. My boyfriend is a big sports fanatic, so I thought he had turned it on to listen to the game. As I slowly woke up, I found this very annoying so I threw my shoe at him (we were in twin beds separated by a dresser). He rolled over but didn't wake up. The radio was still on. The game was a baseball game. I rolled over and went back to sleep, reminding myself to kill my boyfriend in the morning. About 10 in the morning when I finally awoke I mentioned it to my boyfriend. He denied turning the radio on. Upon further argument, he finally said "Honey, there isn't a radio in this room!" I looked around. Sure enough, no radio. It also occurred to me that no team would be playing that early!

Nothing else happened during that visit. A few months later we were back in Savannah for a party. A throws the best parties, and plenty of them. I told you they were fun people. Anyway, we were staying in the upstairs bedroom again. When we arrived I felt that I needed to say something, so I told the room "We're only guests, we'll be gone in two days, chill." That night, slightly drunk again, I crashed heavily and forgot the world. During the middle of the night, my bed started shaking again like someone was standing at the foot of it hitting it with their knees. I woke up and the shaking stopped. I groaned "Oh, leave me alone". The next morning at 10am the bed started shaking again. "Alright, I'm up." I said, thinking it was my man. When I turned around, you guessed it, alone again.

I took a nap that day and the same thing happened with the fingers. They started "walking" up my legs almost to my butt before I fully awoke and turned around. Little pervert! Maybe it is the ghost of the old woman's husband, and not her. Anyway, I left the room and did not look forward to sleeping that night. Luckily, that night I was undisturbed.

I decided to ask A a few questions. A is NOT a ghost believer. No spirit has ever bothered her. So I danced around the obvious and began asking questions about the lady who lived there before. A said that she was an odd little woman when they dealt with her in buying the house. The upstairs bedroom had been hers and her husbands. When he died she put the house on the market almost immediately. She loved baseball. She would sit in her room listening to the games every time they came on. She did not like visitors, she told J and A to get the hell off her property before she knew they wanted to buy the house. A finally said that she refused to deal with her anymore and let J do all the talking.

When I talked to J about it all he would say is that she couldn't wait to leave the house. He also told me that she was now dead as well as her husband. That is all the information I could get about it. We still visit J and A every chance we get, and when we do we stay in the same bedroom, and every time the bed will shake or I will feel the fingers on the back of my legs. Every time I tell "her" or "him" that we don't mean any harm and are only staying a few nights. I have read somewhere that ghosts can not or will not haunt parts of a house that have been remodeled. Perhaps the old lady and her husband are trying to communicate before they get ousted altogether. That upstairs bedroom is going to undergo a major renovation soon. What will happen to them I do not know. Maybe the old bag wants to be nasty to someone as long as she can before she is forced from her own house. Perhaps she is still attached to her things, the furniture in that room is the furniture that she left behind. I think I would be a little crabby, too. I don't know. A and J seem to have no problems with it and nothing has happened to my boyfriend even though we sleep in the same room. Nothing has ever happened in any other part of the house. When I go back the next time I am going to try and take a tape recorder with me. We'll see what happens. Thanks for reading my story.

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