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Saved By A Little Angel

November 2000

When I was 21 on May 7, 1991 I had my second child (a boy), I had a rough delivery and when my son and I left the hospital I was very weak and the Dr. gave me a prescription for the pain.

I slept a lot for the first few days. The last day I took the medication (third day) was for a good reason. I was so deep in sleep I believe I was not going to wake up that day. If not for a sudden grasp I felt on my leg. I felt nails from a small hand claw into my leg. I woke up and turned back to look behind me. To my surprise I saw a little girl with long black hair about 2 or 3 years of age I figured she was one of my husbands cousins or nieces. I didn't know his family too well and I thought they were just there to see the new baby. The little girl spoke to me in Spanish and kept yelling at me to wake up. I kept dozing off and she kept yelling (Despierta! Despierta!) wake up! wake up! I finally sat up and took a deep breath like I had been underwater and finally got to catch my breath. She then smiled at me and walked out of the room. I got dressed and walked into the kitchen and asked my husband who had stopped by to see the baby. He said that nobody had stopped by because he had asked them not to because I needed to rest. I told him what had happened and he looked at me like I was out of my mind. I described the little girl to him, her age and features and the big one was that she spoke Spanish. We are both Hispanic and we both speak Spanish very well, but he did not have any nieces that age that spoke Spanish. He did although have a little cousin that was that age and fit that description. What really shocked me was what he told me next. This little girl had died when she was 3. Her tonsils had burst and she had died on the way to the hospital. This was in 1966.

I told him that if not for the little girl I would never have waken up from that sleep I was in because the medication was so strong. I'm not the type of person that takes pills so when I do, it affects me like if I had taken twice the dose.

When my aunt died, we stayed at the cemetery for a while to look at other relatives graves that had passed. My husband called me over to a small tomb with one of those little picture things and to my amazement it was the little girl who had saved my life. His family didn't have any pictures of her because her mother and father had moved to another town soon after she died and that is why I had never seen pictures of her before that day.

To this day I believe that she was sent to me on that day to save my life. I also believe that these little angels are sent to watch over all of us and sometimes you are lucky enough to see them.

I can honestly say I was "Saved By A Little Angel"

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