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Saying Goodbye (2)

Nicole, New York, USA
February 1999

In the mid 1980's my Grandfather passed away in his sleep (due to a blood clot in his brain). I was young then and at a young age you know what's going on but I do not believe that the realization of not seeing your loved one again is.

Anyway that summer my Grandmother (now an Angel) decided to move to an apartment. So, my family and I (just a little girl) helped her. Let me first say that the house that she lived in was a ranch.

On the day of the move my siblings and I had things that were assigned to us, being the youngest I was to gather up all of my Grandfathers old walkers in the bedroom. I was a little scared about this since he died in that room.

When you walk into the bedroom as you turn to the left there is a closet and a joining wall where a standing mirror and next to that was my Grandfathers walkers. As I walked to get the walkers I started to feel a strange presence and then a heavy breathing sound started (my grandfather was an ex-smoker and had emphysema so his breathing was heavy). When I got to the walkers I looked on the mirror and saw a faint outline of a figure. I was scared and wanted to scream but didn't, instead I stared straight and as the figure became more present I saw him. He was standing behind me smiling and watching me. When the realization really hit me that it was my Grandfather I started to run out the room but before I could move I heard him say I Love You and Goodbye.

This way the first and the last I saw him, my Grandfather.

Nicole, New York, USA
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