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Scared Out Of My Mind

Tiara, IL, USA
October 2013

I never really believed in ghosts until I came face to face with a few.

The first experience that I had was when I spent the weekend at my grandmother's. It was around 9:00 or so. On Saturday nights I would always watch a scary television show. It was down to the last five minutes of it, and I was already scared. I heard my name and the voice sounded EXACTLY like my grandmothers. So I went in the den where she was to go ask her did she call me. She told me no, and I could tell she was freaked out by the look in her eyes. Now, my grandmother loves to play tricks on people, but she wasn't up for tricking me this night. So I went back in her room to watch the last five minutes of the show. When it was over she came in to tell me it was time for me to go to bed. I went to go in my room to get ready for bed. Something told me to look out in the hallway. At first I didn't want to look, but I looked anyways. There was a little girl maybe about 5 or 6 walking down the hallway towards the bathroom. She looked as if she had stepped directly out of a black and white television show. She had on a dress with ruffles on the bottom, dress socks and shoes, and her hair was curled. When she got to the bathroom doorway, she turned around slowly. When she finally faced me, I was scared as all outdoors. She had no eyes.


There were just black holes where her eyes were supposed to be. I had closed my eyes and when I opened them, she was gone. I quickly pulled the covers over my head and eventually went to sleep. There was another time when I saw a ghost, but I'll save that for another story.

*Fast forward to now.* I have a little brother who's 6. When we first moved into our apartment, everything seemed fine. But now, he has to close to bathroom door when it gets dark outside. He had never done this before, and I found it strange. There is something in out bathroom that is scaring him. Then, when he would play the Wii and would want to be by himself. Now, he doesn't want to be alone. He would get scared and ask either me, my mom, or my other brother to stay in there with him until he went to sleep. I'm scared because I don't know who or what it is that is scaring him. I would try to ask him what it is, but he's to afraid to talk about it.

Tiara, IL, USA
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