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Scared Screamless

Vicki Hewitt, Kansas, USA
August 2004

I was having trouble falling to sleep not too long ago. I was up and down for most of the night. About 3:oo in the morning, I was right there in between awake and asleep (which I find blissful) when I noticed something standing in the doorway of my bedroom. When I realized it was the right half of a man I tried to scream. Nothing. He stood fully in the doorway and I was able to scream but it sounded like someone had their hand over my mouth. I kept trying to screaming as he walked in to my room and over to the side of my bed. I was frozen solid, I struggled with all my being to just reach over with my left arm to reach my husband so I could wake him up. I could not move at all. I kept trying to scream out. Then I heard a woman's voice say "Don't be afraid, he is related to you and he love's you very much". That didn't calm me any and I kept trying to move to my left to get help all the while trying to scream out.

The man was dark, kind of like a shadow that I couldn't see through. I could see the shape of his head but couldn't see any features. Right after the woman spoke to me the "man" leaned over the top of me as I layed there in absolute terror and kissed me on the left side of my chest. As soon as he kissed me I could move and he was gone. I jumped up and went in to the livingroom. I thought about waking my husband but for some reason wanted to be alone with the thoughts of what had just happened.

The next day I had terrible pains on the left side of my chest. I told both my mother and my sister about it. When my husband came home from work I asked "Did you hear me trying to scream last night" and he said "Yeah, what was that about" figuring I had had a dream. I told him what I had seen and about the pain in my chest.

The pain continued for two days and my family convinced me to go to the doctor. I thought that maybe I had worked myself in to a small heart attack during the ordeal, or I was heading in to one. Either way, I went to the doctor who did an EKG and took x- rays. My heart was excellent. But the x-ray showed that my 4th and 5th rib on the left side of my chest was separated, the exact spot that I had been kissed! The doctor gave me a shot to numb the area and then gave me a shot of medicine to help heal the ribs.... right in the spot that I had been kissed.

It took several days for my chest to feel better and for me to be able to sleep again. I was mugged once, I am a rape victim, but I have NEVER felt sheer terror like I felt that night. I have started researching "ghost" and "shadow people" and if anyone can tell me what that was, I need to know.

Vicki Hewitt, Kansas, USA
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