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Scary Old School

Becca, CO, USA
June 2005

I worked as a cook at an elementary school in Boulder, Colorado. The school was built in 1902, most of the inside of the school is original because it has been dubbed a "Historic Landmark". As you know "Historic Landmarks" cannot be renovated or altered, only because they want to keep it as original as possible. From the wooden handrails, to the trimming around the doors, there is a lot of originality left in there. Needless to say this school was one of the first schools built in Boulder.

I had gone in early to prepare lunch one day, it was 9:30 in the morning. My kitchen is small for a kitchen (remember, no renovations!). Imagine a 14 foot by 25 foot room with an oven, refrigerator, dishwashing station, preparation table, preparation sinks and a serving counter, along with steam table and warmer etc...

I was alone until 10:15 and lunch was big that day, so I needed to get things going. I had brought out four big cans of green beans and placed them on the preparation table, stacking them in two's, one on top of each other. I had recently got a couple of utensils dirty and if you are in the cooking business you like to clean as you go, cooks live by that! I had turned my back to the kitchen, being as though the dishwashing station is at the back of the kitchen. Immediately to my back is the fridge so I would have to look around the fridge to see the rest of the kitchen. I was washing my spoons when I heard a loud "WHAM WHAM!" It sounded like someone grabbed my oven door and opened it and slammed it shut as hard as they could twice! My heart jumped into my throat! I thought at first that my green beans had fallen off the table and on to the floor, so I peeked around the fridge to look, there they were stacked up just the way I left them! I looked around the kitchen and in the cafeteria and there was nothing or no one in there to make the noise and my imagination is not that LOUD! In that old school, it always feels like someone has there eyes on you!

That is one of the many experiences I have had in that school! I was told if you talk to the spirits you think are there they like it, so I decided to tell them that I wasn't there to take over the kitchen and that they should stop playing around with me and things stopped after that.

Becca, CO, USA
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