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Schoolyard Ghost

John Coleman, New York, USA
July 1997

It was a Tuesday night, starting none out of the ordinary for my friend Paul and I. Everyone had left campus to go home for the summer, and since I live in the Albany area Paul was staying, we kept each other company.

Paul and I have always considered ourselves to be very spiritual, so it came to no surprise when the night turned on us. At midnight, as hokey as this sounds, or at 5mins after 12.00, the parking lot lights went out and it went dark.
We went to a local school, to play on the playground and catch up on the thoughts we were having, and during a cigar session, something caught my attention. It was a dark area that surrounded us, and the woods led about 600 feet off to our left. I saw a light in the trees, and not thinking anything of it I watched it. I saw a tall white figure pacing in one particular area, around the light. He was moping, dragging his feet, and looking depressed. Paul didn't see it, but he felt something strong. Believing in Druidism, Paul opened a triangle portal believed to help a spirit move from dimension to dimension. The figure left,and the light was gone then a larger light appeared, and a ogre-like man appeared, this time to both Paul and I. He was pacing in a circle, very angry, but not towards anything we could see. Our hair stood on end, as we got a massive bone-chill on a windless summer night. We decided to leave, because when we talked to each other about him, our hair stood straight on it's end. We were scared shitless. So we ran to my car, and drove off.

For curiosities sake, we took a left on the road, and went past the woods where we saw thew light. It was a graveyard, about a mile deep, the biggest one in the area. No light was to be found, but the one on the gates at the entrance which were weirdly open at 1.00am. We decided against going in, and left for the evening, mulling it over in our mind's eye.

John Coleman, New York, USA
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