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Scream In The Forest

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
May 2011

This happened to my uncle and aunty quite a while ago (late 1990s. They told us this story when they came over for dinner last week and it really creeped us out.

They were going on a two-day hiking trip around a lake in the middle of the bush somewhere. My uncle said as soon as they got there, he felt that the place had a strange "vibe," like a really heavy feeling, a weight on his shoulders.

They started their hike and had been walking for a couple of hours when they heard a horrible female scream echo through the forest. They ran towards it but when they got to where they thought it came from, they heard it again but it was further away, like it was leading them somewhere.

They ran towards it again but as they got closer they came right up next to the lake, so the scream must have come from a place inside the lake area! They searched the surrounding area but couldn't find anyone so they turned back. After being lost for a few hours they went straight back to the camp site and came home.

My uncle now thinks that it was a bird or some animal, but my aunty thinks a woman must have drowned there. Creepy!

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
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