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Tasmania, Australia
March 2001

Years ago I moved in with my grandfather while I was studying for my year 12 exams. He let me move in because I had three noisy little brothers. His house is a big classic Australian federation home built in 1904 and in perfect condition.

I did not ever feel anything bad in the house but I did get the feeling I was being watched a lot and never mentioned it to my grandfather as I thought that he'd think I was weird.

He used to go fishing up in the mountain lakes with his mates now and then and that would mean that he would be away for one or two nights.

The house was spooky when you were alone at night so I used to just study with music on a bit too loud so I wouldn't hear any creaks or bumps!

The only thing that happened to me and it only happened once was I was in the hallway talking to a friend on the phone (the hallway was really long and ran the length of the house beginning at the big heavy stained glass front door, the phone was halfway down) anyway, I was talking away and staring at the front door and I saw what appeared to be a dark object about 3 feet across and high hovering near the door (the hallway was quite dark at night and there was only a lamp at the phone) it was like a solid shadow if you can picture that and as I noticed it, it suddenly came toward me at a million miles an hour and rushed past with a "swoosh" noise but it was not loud, and it went down to the back of the house.

One would think that this would be really scary but it wasn't, it was just weird so I kept chatting away and then went to bed.

I had a boyfriend at the time (still have him 9 years on) and he was older than me and your typical Australian male (ghosts were never a topic previously, he didn't believe in them), the next time my grandfather went fishing I asked my man to stay over (naughty). We slept cramped in my single bed (the mattress was stone solid) and eventually went to sleep. Sometime in the night I woke to find the light on and my boyfriend hastily getting dressed, he said "Im going home, I cant sleep here!" and as I was still half asleep I said "ok" and went back to sleep. It wasn't until the following morning that he told me what happened.

He said that the blankets were abruptly ripped off us and above his face was a horrible cloudy face screaming at him like it wanted to kill him then and there!

Hence he never stayed there again and nothing bad happened to me, I just felt like I was being watched (overprotective spirit?) all the time.

I never told my grandfather about this and never will as he's 84 years old and still lives in the same house and I still visit him there.

Tasmania, Australia
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