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Perak, Malaysia
September 1998

This is a story told by my friends to me.

This is a true account incident that occurs annually in a school here. Nobody knows about the actual origin of the incident, this is as real as it gets.....

It started off about 5 years ago around February 1993 when I was merely 14. I have always been a faithful fan to the paranormal, I would listen to a ghost story and memorize it and later I would even write them down for future use. According to my friend, this strange incident happens every year and on the same day, same time, it would not fail to repeat. The school where it all began is a typical colonial styled school where toilets and classrooms are placed in two different buildings and sometimes one would have to walk on a long hallway before reaching. It was a rainy afternoon, two girls were attending classes at the time. Then one of them wanted to go to the rest room which the other obliged to keep her company. After being excused from the class, they began to walk slowly towards the toilet. Giggling and laughing along the quiet and dead hallway with sounds of rain dripping on the roof. One of them made a remark that the school used to be a Japanese suicide ground during the World War 2 and there are still spirits of the parished roaming the area. The other one started laughing pedand slap her friend on the back saying that she is silly to believe in such thing. They continued their slow walk towards the toilet with one of the girls teasing her friend about Japanese spirits hanging on the ceiling with their eyes staring at them. Her friend started to get annoyed and turned around to walk back to the class room. The other girl was so busy laughing that she did not realize she was walking alone until she reached the toilet entrance. A sudden cold chill swept across the hallway and she suddenly felt the coldness of the rainy afternoon. Without the presence of her friend she began to feel a little uneasy due to the Japanese spirits she made fun of. From inside the toilet she suddenly heard voices of screams and laughter. She began to get more worried. Clearing her mind and assuring herself that spirits do not exist she opened the door and walked inside. Once inside she saw not only one but a whole army of Japanese soldiers kneeling on the floor with their arms tied. There are others standing by their side with a big samurai knife waiting for execution. She screamed out but to her horror that evoked the spirits and they started chasing after her. Several of them kicking away the heads of the executed shouted some Japanese words at her. She turned around and opened the toilet door and started running down the hallway screaming at the top of her voice. No one in the school compound heard her except her friend. She was sitting in the class when she saw her friend running across the class and out into the field. She told the teacher and the whole class looked outside but they saw nothing. She was shivering with fear as her friend in the middle of the field shouted out that Japanese ghost are catching her. As she reached the center of the field, still screaming, the Japanese spirits got hold of her legs and brought her down to the earth. She turned around and the last thing she saw before her demise was a samurai knife slicing the rain before her very neck. She let out a scream and this time the whole school heard it and her friend in the class room saw her friend being executed and dragged slowly from the field towards the building became stoned. She tried telling others to look but they saw nothing. The guard heard the scream and set out to look for the source. To everyone's surprise, the girl's body was found in the toilet nailed on the wall and her head was placed in a Japanese box. After this, every year on the same day same time, someone in the school would see a girl running towards the center of the field and screams would be heard around the school. Students have been told to look away and pretend they did not see or hear anything fearing that the spirits might be disturbed but the screams of the girl would continued to be heard.

I have heard this much and every year I would get friends telling me some unlucky ones heard the screams and fell sick the next day. Some even claimed to see a girl walking on the hallway without a head. The screams continues to haunt the school.

Perak, Malaysia
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