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Screams in the Night (2)

The Cryptkeepers Sister
October 2022
Somewhere, Ontario, Canada

This story I'm about to tell is just one of many I have to tell, but the most remembered one. I was possibly around the age of 9 or 10 when this first happened. Scared the crap out of me at the time.

The house I lived in was probably close to 100yrs old at the time, and sitting on a small bit of land that was originally part of a bigger 5-acre property. Our backyard dropped into a river that wound through our town.

Early 1990s, late summer, windows are open to let in what little breeze might be found. Sometime late in the night, I wake up hearing what sounds like a loud Roar, followed by screaming and yelling. Specifically, a woman hysterically yelling, "No, I need my baby, let me get my baby."

I think to myself "What's going on?" so I climb out of bed and keep listening trying to figure out if it's in the house or outside. I quickly realize it's from outside and go and look out my bedroom windows. I check the one window and I see nothing. Go to the window overlooking the backyard and the river and I can see what looks like white human shapes running back and forth along the river bank where all the yelling, screaming, and crying is coming from.

I felt frozen to the spot I was standing in, Like I had no control of my body, just locked in place and was stuck looking at this bizarre happening.

Then just as I was given control of my body again and started shouting for my parents the Scene just stopped.

Everything got quiet. My parents groggily come running to my room Pissed off at me for waking them up and I'm trying to explain to them what I saw and heard. Was told it was a bad dream and put back in bed.

Thing is, it happened again the next night and for a few nights afterward. Would also reoccur yearly around the same time every summer. It wasn't until I was working at the local library and overhearing some of the Older folks talking about the Tunnel collapse that had happened during the Rum running days. The area they were talking about would be approximately around where my house was.

One day I'd like to go back and try to find some official/historical documents to find out more about these tunnels.

The Cryptkeepers Sister
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