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Hans Wennberg - Overkalix, Norrbotten, Sweden
July 1997

All my life, strange things have happened around me. Many unexplainable events have occurred, of which some are still unresolved. One of the scariest things that ever happened to me, took place in 1995. I was alone in my office at City Hall. The time was about 3.15pm. I had just finished a telephone call and turned around in my chair to get a file from my filing cabinet behind me. When I turned back again and faced the desk, my heart almost exploded. I began to tremble with fear. I had a small notepad on my desk to be used for scribbling while on the phone. The pad had been absolutely empty when I put the phone down. Now the pad was filled with strange symbols and arrows - scribbled down by somebody (something) invisible. Needless to say I couldn't stay in my office. I went out into the corridor and almost ran down to the cafeteria for a HUGE cup of coffee. I showed the pad to a friend of mine who has very special "gifts". She took a look at the symbols and frowned. Then she looked at me and said: "Whoever did this has a lot of power. This is a description of a car crash. Two cars are involved. But I can't tell who is involved or if this has happened yet, or if it is a thing from the past." This really scared the %&&# out of me. Since then this has happened twice to me. Maybe some entity is trying to contact me in order to warn me. Maybe this is something quite scarier - a warning from the other side. Who knows?

Hans Wennberg - Overkalix, Norrbotten, Sweden
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