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Second Floor Spook

Colleen Davis, WA, USA
June 2001

I am a junior in High School and have been active in Drama. One day my teacher told me he saw a face in his second story classroom window the day before. I was sceptical even though I've been a firm believer in the paranormal for quite some time.

One night during play practice, my friend Chance asked me if I wanted to hang out with him and another friend after practice. I didn't want to go home quite yet, so I agreed to stay.

The three of us were in the parking lot after practice talking and goofing around. I looked up in the window of a classroom (not my drama teacher's classroom, but a room on the second floor) and saw an illuminated figure in the window which appeared to be on the outside of the window. I thought maybe it was my eyes playing tricks on me because it was dark outside given the time of night it was; around 10:30 pm. I thought nothing of it, until Chance asked me if I saw what he saw. We asked Jon (the other friend) and he saw it too.

A few minutes after we'd been watching it, it started to change colours and move around the window. It went from left to right to center of the window. As soon as it got to the center, it changed into a large face with no prominent features...merely black eyes, strait lips and shading where the nose should be. It's mouth started moving as if it were trying to speak to us, but we heard nothing. Needless to say we were a bit freaked out. It got a bit larger and we watched it there for about an hour and a half. We decided that whatever it was, it might not want us there, so we got in our cars and went home around midnight.

The next day, the whole school building was full of electricity. Every time someone would touch a doorknob, a railing, a file cabinet, or anything metal they would get a zap of electricity. It was strange.

Since then, we've been hearing things and seeing strange lights on the second floor of our school. We hear popping sounds late at night after practice, almost like someone stepping on bubble wrap paper when no one else is in the building.

Since this is a small town people accuse us of hoaxing the whole thing because we have no proof, and it only shows itself to a select few. But I wish I weren't one of them.

Colleen Davis, WA, USA
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