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Seeing Through Me

Brenda Groenendijk, Netherlands
September 2001

This happened to me about six years ago. And it is not really a ghost story but it is still a very strange experience.

One day I was on my way home from work and as I was standing on the busy escalator, giving access to the large indoor shopping centre and the central train station, the man standing in front of me turned around. He looked quite normal and his features made me suspect he was from India or thereabout. "You have moved." he said to me. I was stunned for a few seconds and must have looked quite odd because he repeated his statement. Well I confirmed his statement because it was true.

I had recently moved from living with my parents to living on my own in a small apartment. I am still living there now. But anyway this man said he needed to talk to me. So lacking a better place (they were remodeling the station hall at the time) we went to a fast food restaurant and sat down at a table. He told me that there was something wrong with my apartment and that he needed to cleanse it. Well I let him talk for a while and he told me some things about my life that where very true. But he kept coming back to the cleansing of my apartment.

Well being raised with the concept of never going with strange men I didn't really trust the situation so at that point I started to pull back out of the conversation, telling him that I needed to go home. Well he kept pushing on and told me that I could have another person present at the cleansing but it could not be a family member. Well at that point I got suspicious and decided it had gone far enough. So I left him and went to catch my train. I went home and never saw the man again.

Lately though the experience comes back into my mind and I wonder what would have happened. My apartment by the way is small but fine as far as the paranormal is concerned. I only suffer from a bad nights sleep if I have been reading pages like this too much. But an occupant of one of the neighboring apartments has been arrested twice on charges of pedophilia, my next door neighbor suddenly disappeared, a guy on the other side of the building set his apartment on fire while trying to get rid of a wasp nest and the guy living upstairs is rather loud.

I am looking for a new place not because of what has happened. But I don't know what I will do if something similar happens this time around.

Brenda Groenendijk, Netherlands
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