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Seen Light

January 2006

I am 37 years old and a mother of 2 children. I have heard many scary stories but like most people wish not to invite evil into our lives.

I live on a small farm which was settled by my great grandfather. When he first settled here he mad a dugout home as many people did back then. Later he moved to town close by Altus and let his son, my grandfather, stay on the farm. He lived with his wife and children for many years in small 2 bedroom house.

After my grandfather's death my parents moved my granny into a house in Altus and built their own house and large barn on the farm. They removed the old small house that my mother was raised in. The only buildings left on the property is the old storm cellar and what we call the "hen house" which was originally the barn where they kept the milk cows. This building did at one time have 3 seperate rooms but only one of the rooms still stand which is what we have always kept chickens in.

When my mother left the farm and moved into town my brother stayed on the farm until he decided to move on to Texas. I at this time had purchased the family farm and moved my family into the house my father had built. Being on the farm for my kids was a little boring so we had purchased a trampoline for the kids to jump around on. One night I had sent my kids outside to play and jump. I stayed in the house to talk on the phone. I could hear my kids talking about this light and wanted me to come see. I did not pay them that much attention due to lights from vehicles that might be coming from the roads. They continued to insist I come see the floating light. After I had finished my conversation on the phone I finally went outside to be with my kids not to really see any floating light. To my surprise there was this strange floating light moving about my backyard. My son was still jumping around on the trampoline and my daughter was pointing and showing me this floating light, which was moving about the outside of the hen house. I instinctively looked around to see where this light might be coming from. I looked in every direction to find no source. I then watched the light and could not even begin to try to explain how it looked.

It was a beam of light about 2 feet in size darting about but so calmly. I got so scared at what I was seeing and insisted that my children go in the house immediately. Once in the house I checked every window in every direction trying to figure what source this light could have come from. I never could find anything to explain this light. I checked for vehicles and for airplanes I even looked for someone who might be holding a flashlight nearby or hunters with a spotlight. I could not find an explanation and did not let my kids go back outside that night.

Later when my husband had come home I went back outside to tell him of the light but it was gone.

This was 2 years ago that we saw this strange light and have not seen it since. I wish I could and hope to inspect it more closely and try to figure out if this might have been a ghost?. Our farm is just 2 miles away from a small cemetery.

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