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Sensing Spiritual Prescence

Anonymous, OH, USA
July 2010

My story is not really about one particular experience, but a series of different experiences throughout the years. My earliest experience was when I was about 10 years old and I can remember standing in my mom's kitchen and feeling someone touch my shoulder and so I turned around to see who it was and there was no one there, that I could see. Hmm, that kinda freaked me out! After that there were numerous different "things" that occurred such as strange unexplained noises, things cutting on and off by themselves, me waking out of my sleep at night just feeling like somebody was in the room with me.

When I became a teen I saw something on TV that said if you ever feel you have a spirit in your house or around you to speak to them and they'll listen, so that's what I did. Whenever they started making noises or cutting things on I would tell them to stop and it shocked me when they listened, it made it that more real but it also stopped me from being afraid. I am a Christian and I really don't believe in "ghosts" but I do believe in spirits, both good and bad and I think I have definitely encountered both. I have very vivid dreams mostly about people close to me but sometimes even about people that are not so close, and anytime I have a dream about someone close to me I'll call them and tell them about it and more than half the time it's dead on. They'll tell me they just can believe what I'm saying because it's something they've really been dealing with.

Now I am 24 married with 4 children and my husband knows about everything and he is always supportive, I sometime see someone in the house or hear someone speak (and I don't know who, I've never asked) and I'll let him know but he encourages me not to speak to spirits because they could be bad and he believes it would only encourage them. I have always wondered what to do with all this because there has to be a reason why these things happen and although I'm not afraid I still feel I should maybe do more about it and I don't, most of the time I just ignore it. I would like to know what I could do.

Anonymous, OH, USA
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