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Sensitive Family?

S Soto, NJ, USA
December 2002

First of all I apologize for taking so long to explain all of the events that have happened to my family. Strange experiences have always happened to members of our family and they always seem to involve the paranormal.

My grandmother's family is "sensitive" to things and unfortunately my mother, brother and all of us grandchildren have had some kind of experience.

This experience involves my grandmother, and her family.

My grandmother is from the island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean and she use to live in the countryside with her family in an old house that use to be as people said built on the site that an old plantation use to be.

One day she and her sister were playing in there room when her 5 year old sister all of a sudden looked up and started scream that she saw a had coming from an opening in the bedroom ceiling. There was an old trap door for teh attic there and my great- grandmother and great-uncle went up there to check things out but found nothing.

My great-grandmother told her that she was imagining things, so my grandmother and great-aunt went back into the room to play. This time my grandmother said that she felt uncomfortable in the room and when she looked up she saw the same thing, both girls ran out of the room screaming. Something made my great uncle look outside and all of a sudden he saw the figure of a man walking away from the house toward a forested area near it. He thought it was a thief or something so he started to follow it when he noticed that the man was floating above the ground, he was very brave and he decided to follow him anyway.

About 5 to 10 minutes later the figure stopped underneath a tree and disappeared. He searched the area but could not find anything, and he got pretty scared be then so he almost ran all the way home.

They never saw the figure again but things always disappeared and reappeared in the house until they moved.

The next experience happened to my mother and my grandmother when my mom was a teenager, my grandparents had just bought some land where they built a house for themselves and and my grandfather's younger brother.

Strange things started to happen in the house soon after they moved in, doors closing by themselves, things gone missing and showing up in the same place they were missing from the day before and things of the sort. For some reason my mom's room, the kitchen and the second bathroom were the worst places.

My mom always felt that someone was looking at her but she just ignored whatever it was.

One day one of her cousins came over with a Ouija board and being teenagers, my mom, her cousins, grandma and some other friends of my mom decided to play with it, which turned out to be a big mistake.

They started to ask questions and it wasn't moving so they decided to change the people that were actually touching the board to see if it would move, well my mom and grandma touched it and it went nuts. The little plaque started moving around as soon as there fingertips touch it and it started to talk.

They asked it a couple of general questions when my mom felt that something was wrong with my grandmother. She was looking at my mom kind of weird and the way that she was sitting and moving was not like my granny at all. She started the scream I'm going to kill him in a strange voice and laugh like she was crazy.

My mom asked her who it was and she looked to a gay that was there and said Robert. Now there was a guy called Robert there that was playing with the board and he kind of started joking about the situation and he asked when and where was she going to kill him. She gave them a date and she said how he was going to day, but he just joked about it and just ignored the spirit. My mom told it that it was time for it top go but it would not release my grandma even after she stopped touching the board she was screaming and laughing until my mom who was extremely freaked out about what was happening slapped my grandmother.

She then started to cry and after my granny calmed down she said that she could hear and see everything but she couldn't speak or move because she felt something evil in her. They burned the board and they had a priest come and bless the house to make sure that nothing evil had stayed behind.

Now the really scary thing is that my mom's friend, Robert, who did not pay attention to the warning he was giving died on the exact day and exactly like the spirit said.

My mom has never touched a Ouija board again since then and she has actually forbidden me and my brothers to get one or even touch one. There are more things that have happened to myself and my family but I will write about them in another occasion.

Sorry that it took so long and if you are interested about any of this email me and I'll be happy to answer back.

S Soto, NJ, USA
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