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Several Experiences (1)

October 2000

First of all, I have never seen a spirit but I do believe in them strongly. I get that weird feeling like a lot of other people do...the hair on the back of your neck standing up, the uneasy feeling in your stomach, and not being able to turn your head because you don't know what you'll see.

My first experience happened about ten years ago. I had my first child and was a single mom and moved to another city for a court reporting job. I rented a nice 3-bedroom house and used the third bedroom for a guest room whenever my mom would visit me. I never liked going into that room though. Come to find out later, my mom always had an uneasy feeling in that room too -- actually winding up talking to whatever she thought was in there.

Anyway, late one night right after I moved in, I was painting the woodwork in the dining room. I was sitting on the floor, facing into my living room. My cat was in the living room and all of a sudden, she hissed and took off down the hallway. I wondered what her problem was and got up to look. As soon as I went into the living room, I noticed that my sofa (Early American with the wood frame) was pulled away from the wall only on one side. You could still see the indentation on the rug. I woke up my mom for her to see it too. Needless to say that freaked me out.

After that, several other things happened, and my mom was a witness to most of them.

In the mornings, we would go into the kitchen and most of my drawers and cabinet doors would be standing open when it was only the two of us there. One time I woke up in the middle of the night to get something to drink and a couple doors were open. I closed them, only to see them open again in the morning. They weren't warped or anything either; they had a latch that you could hear they were closed.

Another time in that house I had a roommate and she went out on a date. I was in my bathroom blow-drying my hair. All of a sudden I heard my name being called: (Jenny...Jenny...) very clearly. I turned off the hair dryer, thinking it was my roommate back already, maybe forgot something. I answered "what" but nothing. I walked into the living room and then looked outside the door and nobody was there.

My last experience in that house was one time I came home from a weekend at my mom's. It was kind of late and my son was asleep. I put him in his room and went to put something in the guest room. I remember when I left the door was open(I always left it open for some reason). This time the door was closed and when I tried to open it, the door was locked. Totally freaked out, I grabbed my son out of his crib and ran next door to my friend's house. Her husband was a cop and he came over with his gun because I thought maybe someone had broken in and was hiding in there. He came in and the door wasn't locked anymore, and the window in that room was locked. I didn't live there much longer.

Another experience I had was more personal. (This is in a different home in a different state) About 4 years ago, my fiance and I were going through a rough patch in our relationship. I was pregnant with our second child and there were instances that I thought that maybe he was cheating on me. I was very, very upset about this and didn't know what to do. He tried to tell me that I was wrong and he wasn't cheating on me. He was getting frustrated too that I wasn't believing him.

Almost every night when I went to bed, I prayed to God to show me a sign that my fiance wasn't cheating on me. My father passed away in 1987, and lots of times I still talk to him too. So I would also ask my dad to show me a sign that everything would be okay and if he wasn't cheating on me, please let me know somehow. Well, a few days later I started getting weird phone calls. We had Caller-I.D. and it would always say "Out of Area". I would answer the phone but no one was there, and I would finally hang up. This happened about five times to me. Finally, one evening the phone rang again. I looked at the Caller-I.D. and again it said "Out of Area". My fiance and his brother were there and I told his brother to get the phone. (With everything going on between me & my fiance and my jealous thoughts, I thought maybe this was some girl calling and wouldn't say anything when I would answer.)
Well, his brother answered. I was sitting at the table right next to him. This is what I heard him say: "yes, she's here; who's calling? Okay, here she is." He hands me the phone and I say hello. No one is there. Again, hello....hello. Finally, I hang up. Curious, I ask his brother who was on the line.
He said that when he answered the phone, a man's voice asked if Jenny was there. (No one but my family calls me that) When he asked who was calling, the man said "Bill". I totally started freaking out. Then I asked him if he talked with an accent, and he said yes, and he sounded like an older man. Then I talked with a Pennsylvania Dutch accent and he said, "yeah, that's it." I got big-time chills and started crying. Then I realized what day it was. My fiance asked me what was wrong and I told him: "I've been praying to my dad to show me a sign that you haven't been cheating on me and everything will be okay. My dad's name is Bill, he talked with a Dutch accent and today is my mom and dad's wedding anniversary."

The calls never came again after that, and we are still together. My fiance is the same sign as my father was (Sagittarius) and is very much like my dad. I believe that was my dad showing approval of him and to hang in there; everything would be okay and that he's watching over me. It still gets me very emotional when I think about it or tell someone my experience.

Thanks, everyone for bearing with me & my long stories. I enjoy this website very much & wanted to include my experiences too. Happy Haunting!!!!

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