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Several Experiences (2)

Brittney, TN, USA
December 2000

First of all, let me say that my house is very haunted. As far back as I can remember, I've had experiences which I can't explain in it. My family has had some as well, but I'll just cover mine.

When I was very small, I asked my mother if I could dress like the girl upstairs. I can't be sure if it was a dream or what, I just know it was weird. When I try to remember the girl, I get this image of a cartoon girl [looking somewhat like something off of Sesame Street] skipping up the stairs to my room, wearing a green dress with large red spots.

One Saturday, I decided to see if I could make contact with one of the spirits which reside with me. So, I sat on my couch, and I told them mentally that if they wanted to talk or something, to make themselves known around midnight. After watching the television show Saturday Night Live [which, if you don't know, ends at midnight], I was painting in the kitchen or something when I heard footsteps on the end of the balcony which joins onto my bedroom. The footfalls were coming from a spot in which there was a pile of junk. Nothing solid could have been walking.

In August of this year, I was climbing into bed at approximately one o'clock or so. I still had on my denim shorts, and I decided to take them off so I would be more comfortable. I rolled over on my back so I could pull the shorts off my hips. At the foot of my bed, I saw what looked like an entirely black figure in a monk's robe with hood pulled up glide at the foot of my bed and disappear at the right wall. I know this wasn't sleep paralysis because I could move perfectly.

This is my most recent, and probably least exciting. I turned around in bed for some reason, and saw a glowing thing up at my ceiling. It didn't go away for quite some time and I fell asleep, I believe, with what felt like eyes looking at me.

Well, that's all my experiences with the ghosts in my house for now. I can assure you, all of them are absolutely true. They may not be all that scary, but I hope you enjoyed them.

This happened one night when I was watching a re-run of an episode of the TV show Saturday Night Live. I had seen that episode once before, but, since one of my very favourite singers was on, I was watching it again. I was also making snowflakes to decorate the windows. I got up and went into the kitchen to throw something in the garbage. I knew the song that was being performed on television [well, most of it], so I was singing along. As I was singing, I noticed my voice did not match the music to the song I was singing [I could hear the television from the living room because the kitchen joins onto it]. I went into the living room and was a bit shocked by what met my eyes. The channel had been changed from 4 to 8, and another singer I like a bit was performing. The remote control had been moved an inch or so from the spot I had it in, as well. I guess a ghost in my home and I have the same taste in tunes, but different favourite singers!

Brittney, TN, USA
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