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Several Occurrences

Jesse Villareal, TX, USA
October 2007

I don't have any long stories and the ghost phenomena that have happened to me are just little occurrences so I'll include several that have happened to me and family members for longevity.

I can't remember for myself, but in my old house, when I was little, my mom said she used to see figures in our house. She recalls them as being angels, whenever I asked what they were and that they were protecting me.
Some nights, after my mom would have put me to bed, she would be sitting on the couch and reading when suddenly she would see a white lighted figure go from our hallway into my bedroom. One time she said I told her that one of the angels picked me up and cradled me.

On the same subject of angels, my mom told me this story about how she had once seen an angel when she was younger.

It happened back when she was in her teens and was living in Michigan. It was summer and she had gone to camp. For about two weeks being there, she got real sick. I think she had accidentally swallowed puddle water and it had gotten her sick enough to the point where her parents had to come and get her. Before she was taken to a hospital, they called a doctor to come look at her so my mom remained in bed for several days. The doctor they called had told her parents that the illness was very serious and life threatening. You didn't even have to be told that the illness was very serious because my mom could barley even move. The doctor recommended that my mom go to the hospital and her parents decided to do that the next day.

Well, that night my mom was lying in bed trying to sleep when suddenly the room had gotten real cold. She said that the room was so cold that she even started to go numb and was able to see her breath. Then, she could see a light forming in the corner of the room. At first the light had been so bright, it was almost blinding, and it then started to form a figure. Out of the figure, my mom said that she could make out what seemed like a person with white skin and a long, draping, white robe. As she was seeing this, she had totally forgotten about her sickness and could only concentrate on the figure. When the light had gone away and the "angel" was in full physical form, she said it started to talk but my mom couldn't make out what it was saying. It was to this that totally frightened my mom and it made her jump out of bed and run into the living room, despite her paralyzing illness. She said that the moment she jumped up, the "angel" disappeared, so when she was in the living room, none of the other family members could see anything.
While she was trying to figure out what she had just seen, she realized that she no longer felt ill anymore. It was some sort of miracle, she had been cured. She believes it was this figure that had cured her and was sure that it was just one of her guardian angels.

My dad, now, told me this one story about how he was sleeping one night, but had awakened by knocking on our door. As much as he was awake, he was at the same time still sort of sleepy. It seemed like he was dreaming but he could fully realize everything and could feel. He went to the door to see who it was and it was one of his old motorcycle buddies he had known for a long time. My dad was surprised that his friend even knew where he lived since he had not seen him in so long. They both went outside on the front porch and started talking and catching up with each other. They were both really happy to see each other but my dad couldn't shake this feeling of being in a dream. After they had talked for about an hour, my dad said that his friend stressed to him that the reason he came by was to say goodbye because he was going away for a long time. Well they both said their goodbyes, hugged, and his friend got back on his motorcycle and drove off. My dad was so sleepy that he fell asleep right there on the porch where he had been talking to his friend. The next morning he awoke but strangely in his bed. He was for sure that he had fallen asleep on the porch, but brushed off what happened as a dream and got up to get the morning paper.
When my dad got to the obituary section, it had one for the friend he had talked to the night before. It said that he had died the week before then in a motorcycle accident and his funeral was that very exact day. I guess you could say that his friend paid my dad one last visit before being put to rest.

Well, for me, there hasn't been any big crazy happenings, but there are I'd say about two that are worth being ghost experiences.

Back when I was in fifth grade, the classroom I was being taught in was at the end of this really long hallway. At the other end of the hallway were the only restrooms in the whole school. Whenever I had to use the restroom, my teacher would always say that I had 1 minute or something like that so I would always run real fast.
One time I asked if I could go and as always, I had exactly 1 minute. The teacher would even use a stop watch and everything. As usual, I'd run real fast down the hallway. This time was weird though because about halfway down the hallway, I could hear whispered in my ear,"stop running." Well, I stopped running and turned around thinking that a teacher came up behind me somehow and said it, but the hallway was completely empty. I was baffled. I could even feel the warmth of the breath touch my skin.
At first I wasn't even scared and still went to the restroom, but later on in the day I started thinking about it and thought that I just had a ghost experience. Pretty weird.

My last story happens in the very house I live in now and some of these things are still going on. In 2002, I moved into my new house. At the time I was very superstitious, especially from reading stories from this very website about people moving into new houses and having haunting experiences, so I was all ears on anything unexplainable about the new house. As it turns out, the house I moved into I believe is haunted, and not just from me being superstitious. First thing to happen to me was that for about a week, I would always wake up at the same time at night, 1 am ish, and hear my name being silently shouted. It was like it was being hollered, but inside my head. After a week and the name calling ended, I told my mom about it and she said that it had happened to her too. She would wake up every night the same time I did and hear her name being silently shouted. Adding to hearing names being called, I would be on the phone with a friend or girlfriend and hear voices over the line. I would ask whoever it was I was talking to if they could here the voices too and they would always deny it.
One time especially was when I was talking to my girlfriend and I started to hear the voices over the phone. I asked her about it and she said she couldn't hear anything, when suddenly, we both heard someone say "meow" real loud and angrily. Then the phone just cut off. I thought it had to be my brother playing around so I went over to where our other line is but he wasn't there. In matter of fact, he was even at the house at the time but at work.

Other strange things would happen like hearing scratches all over the place, knocking on the wall and basic unexplainable things. One common occurrence being that my doorbell would ring and every time I opened the door, no one would be there. Out of all the strange things, the most strangest and common thing to happen is constantly seeing this dark figure in my hallway. This has been happening ever since I have moved in up until now. I would be sitting right here at my computer and at the corner of my eye, I would just see this dark figure either walk by in the hallway or just stand there watching me. Every time I look, it would disappear. I know this just isn't my imagination because my brother who gets on the computer a lot too also sees this. If I could explain what the figure looks like, I would say that it resembles a lady with long black hair, grayish skin, and a long black dress. It moves too fast to completely make out and always disappears when I look, but it is most certain that it is some sort of spirit because I can almost feel its presence as though there is some sort of magnetic field around that hallway moments before seeing the figure.

Sometimes while I'm sitting at my couch, petting my cat, it would just suddenly look up towards the hallway with big, surprised eyes, amazed at seeing something that I couldn't see. Well, that's it for my stories, hope you enjoyed reading them.

Before I close out, though, let me just tell you one more thing.

While I was younger, from about 4-9 years old, every night I went to sleep I could hear this demonic laughing. Some nights after the laughter, I could feel my bed start shaking slightly. Even some nights, I wouldn't hear anything. I had gotten so used to the laughter that whenever there was a night where I didn't hear it, I would say to myself, "Hey, where's the laughter?"

Jesse Villareal, TX, USA
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