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Sewer Walker

Kendra R, Virginia, USA
June 2001

This story takes place when I was about ten years old.

My house was on the corner of our street, and the sewage drain pipe was at the foot of a hill in our yard. Jennifer lived next door, which was directly up the hill from my house, and Brenda lived right beside her.

Jennifer and I were the same age but Brenda was two years older, but being such close neighbours we were all friends.

One night around dusk the three of us were sitting on Jennifer's front porch, which gave us a direct view of the sewage drain at my house. It was summer time, so we were just hanging out talking, when we see a black figure come out of the drain pipe, it was the size of an average man, and sort of oval shaped, kind of human shaped but not exactly. This figure walked half-way across the street and just vanished. We all turned to each other and said "Did you just see that?" We all had witnessed the same thing, which scared us pretty badly, so we all ran home before it got any darker.

The next day, in daylight of course, we went to check it out, and leading from the drain were large muddy footprints that went half-way across the street and just ended. This happened over 18 years ago, it is the truth and was witnessed by three people. I don't know what that figure was, but I will never forget that night!

Kendra R, Virginia, USA
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