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Shadow Angel

August 2015

Forgive me if the story has no relation to the title for I have not seen the thing that haunted us but only heard and saw the thing's shadow.

It started when I slept over my best friend's house. We were alone for the night since his parents were at their grandmother's house. My best friend, Jin, was a light sleeper and a mere noise could wake him easily. I was afraid he wasn't going to get a night's sleep so I slept with him in his room. By midnight, I felt a chill and woke up to see him staring wide-eyed at the door. I thought what was wrong and asked him what was wrong, but soon I heard heavy stumps on the hardwood floor outside of the room and something heavy being dragged. He was pale and almost looked like he was about to faint. The thing outside proceeded walking. It would walk until the end of the hall and then walk back. After maybe half an hour, the figure stopped in front of Jin's bedroom door and began to forcefully open the door by pounding on it.

It stopped after a few minutes but the march still proceeded. Frightened, Jin's only choice was to call his brothers to pick him up. When they picked up, the march stopped.

The next day, we asked his brothers if they had experienced it as well and all have answered: NO. But Jin's grandmother asked us questions: wad it marching or walking lamely? And we answered it was walking lamely. And she questioned: did it stop at the end of the hall? and we answered, Yes. She asked us again, was it dragging something? We responded, Yes. And she smiled and said "Its only guarding you."

We didnt say a word anymore. For we knew it wasn't guarding us, but it was disturbing and trying to hurt us, scaring us out of our minds.

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