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Shadow Creatures (1)

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
October 2011

Hi, most stories have an introduction but I am going to go straight to it.

I was reading a book late at night and I heard a strange noise sort of like a growl sound. I have no idea what it was but it was really quiet. I stopped reading to look for what it was. I thought it might have been one of the cats so I kept on reading. Later on I heard it again only this time it was louder. I hopped out of bed to see what it was but I couldn't see anything, it was too dark with only a lamp on.

I went back to my room but I couldn't find my book. I looked under the sheets and everything. I went back out of my room to check on the bench but it wasn't there so I got another book. Then I took one look at my pillow and it was there nice and neat.

Later out of the corner out of my eye I thought I saw a shadow thing creep up to the stairs of my bed (I have a bunk bed with my sister) then when I fully looked at it it went away. Moments later my sister told me to stop calling her name and that she can't go to sleep. I said I wasn't doing anything. She said can I come in your bed and I said yes, trying to be a good big sister. My sister then thought she saw a shadow thing right at the top of the stairs to my bed. I said do you want me to go on that side and she replied yes. With my eyes watering from fright, my sister crying, and trying not to be scared, we decided to tell Mum. She didn't believe us at all.

That's all that happened for the rest of the night. My sister only slept with me for a week but I think things are starting to happen again...

Anonymous, NSW, Australia
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