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Shadow Creatures (2)

Ashley, NY, USA
October 2007

I will begin by saying that my experiences almost all happened when I was a child, probably from when I was about eight or so until I became a teenager.

I used to be very interested in ghosts and the paranormal during that time, along with a couple of my good friends (who have also been part of some of these experiences). One of the first big things I can remember happening was when I was about seven or eight. It was very early in the morning (probably around 6am or so), and I woke up ready to go for the day. It must've been a Saturday because I wandered into my brother's room to watch cartoons. My dad was a very irritable man, so if I had gone into the living room to watch TV he would've woken up and gotten mad. So that being the case, I had to watch the TV that was just down the hallway in my brother's room (he was a teenager then and could sleep through anything).
So I sat on the floor with the volume down so low I could just hear it. After a few minutes I heard the faintest knock on the door of his room (which I had closed all but about 1/2 an inch). I thought it might've been my mom so I got up and opened the door only to find pets, no mom, nothing. I closed the door like it had been before and resumed my cartoon watching. Not even a minute later I heard it again, just a tiny bit louder this time. I got up again, more quickly this time, and flung the door open. As I looked down the hallway, a shadow on the wall caught my eye, and it was moving. I could only describe it as what looked like a mix between a bat and a large fly or something. It moved down the wall, with it's "wings" kind of flapping as it went. Before I could make sense of anything, it rounded the corner into the living room. Now I can say with certainty there was nothing anywhere near that hallway that could've made a shadow...much less one that moved like that! It was large, and 2-D, and moved all the way from my brother's door to the living room, which was about 20 feet away. It would've been physically impossible for anything to make that kind of shadow. Needless to say, I woke my brother up nice and early that morning to make sure I would be safe.

The next thing I can remember happening was somewhat similar, and in the same house.

My friend and I were sitting on my bed playing with one of those old flashlights that could change from white to green to red. We were pointing it at the ceiling playing "red light, green light", when we both happened to look over at my bedroom window at the same moment. Now at the time, it was pitch black outside, and I have to point out that my window sits about seven feet from the ground. We both saw, as clear as ever, the shadowy silhouette of a grown man sitting outside my window. It looked as if a man were outside, with his side view to us, and being lit from behind. Sounds reasonable, except for the fact that you could see almost half his body - which would be impossible unless he was nine feet tall or more! Oh yeah, and the fact that we live in the country and there would've been no source of light behind him. Of course we ran out of the room screaming and when my mother returned there was nothing to be seen. The very weird thing about it though, was that when we did return, the blinds that had been drawn down (and were in very good condition), were all messed up and some parts were bent and almost broken.

Besides seeing those things in my house, I have heard many noises as well. On most occasions I would wake up in the middle of the night to loud bangs, and one time, what I could only describe as some sort of pump or something. It's incredibly hard to explain, but there was a noise of something rushing up, and then a large thud/bang when it came down - so much so that it shook the house (and was definitely coming from inside the house). This only happened one time and there is no such pump or anything in our house that could do that (we actually live in a mobile home). And when I asked my mom in the morning if she heard or felt it, she said no...and she wakes up to EVERYTHING. There were also a large number of times I would be trying to fall asleep and I swear to you, I could feel my bed shaking, almost like a hard vibration. Nothing else in my room would shake (and mind you I had many little knick knacks), it was just my these ghosts were just trying to have fun with me and mess with me. Also, my mom used to sleep in the living room chair a lot, and would get up during the night to use the hallway bathroom (the one in between mine and my brother's room). Two separate times she told me she saw flashes of bright light in front of my door in the middle of the night, down by the floor...and no, it was not lightning, or any lights in my room.

I've also had a couple experiences with dolls/stuffed animals.

One night I woke up out of a deep sleep at a little after 3am to find my stuffed bear that I always sleep with, across the room, sitting upright in my computer chair. Another time he was sitting on top of my dresser (I don't, and never have sleep walked, in case you were wondering). And I also used to have several porcelain dolls standing on my entertainment center in my bedroom, all of which I thought were evil except two. It's just one of those eerie feelings that you can never explain really.

One night, my friend claimed to have seen one of them moving. It was the one wearing pajamas and carrying a blanket and teddy bear. She had black hair, and there was just something about her that wasn't right. When I got older, I got a black light for Christmas, and (though this probably sounds stupid) when I put it in my room I noticed all their eyes glowed bright in the black light except for the two I had originally thought were ok. I don't know if that's quite coincidental.

There are many other small things that have happened to me over the years, but the last I want to mention is the one that most scared me. I was about nine or so and I was spending the night at my best friend's house. Her house is very old, a farmhouse build in the late 1800's, and they themselves have told me stories about sounds in the basement and objects moving right in front of them (like a coffee cup sliding across the table). Well the house is set up kind of funny and my friend's room looks out into the kitchen and the living room, and the bathroom is down a small hallway off from the kitchen. That night, I woke up and had to go to the bathroom (which I never do by the way, not even now as an adult). As I was leaving her room I happened to glance out into the living room where her dad slept on the couch with the TV on. I was frozen in the doorway as I saw this shadow figure of a young girl sitting on top of her dad. Now this may sound funny, but it was all but funny, even now I can still picture it perfectly. This shadow was more 3-D than the other ones I saw, but I could still see through it somewhat. The light from the TV shone just enough light so that I could tell it had long hair and was about the size of a girl my age. She was sitting right on his torso with her legs hanging off the from of the couch, like you would sit normally, except she was higher up because she was on top of him. She was staring at the TV when I first saw her, but as I stood there for what seemed like minutes, she turned her head straight toward me and the only thing I could see on her face besides blackness were her two glowing eyes. I think at that point I just ran back into my friends room and hid under the covers until I could fall asleep.

So there are some of my more interesting stories. I hope you all enjoy reading them as I enjoy hearing everyone else's experiences too.

Since I was younger I haven't experienced as much, but maybe now that I'm getting back into all this again, the ghosts will be attracted to me once more :)
I'll have to wait and see.

Ashley, NY, USA
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