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Shadow In The Graveyard

Leigh Finlayson, UK
November 2002

I was at my friends house during the summer holidays and Matthew decided it would be fun by playing hide and seek in the graveyard. I said yes straight away because I like spooky places and I've believed in ghosts all my life so we went to the graveyard.

we had been playing hide and seek for about an hour when two of my friends Sarah and Wardy decided to run off, leaving us to find them. So I went off alone trying to show that I was brave.

I was walking into the kiddies graveyard when I felt a cold breeze brush past me, I thought it was strange because it was a hot night so I kept on walking. I heard a noise behind me in the bushes so when I looked behind I saw this shadow go past me. I thought it was Sarah and Wardy being stupid so I caught up with Matthew, Chris and Jodie they asked who the shadow was, and I said it was probably Sarah and Wardy.

So we decided to go back to Chris' and when we walked through the door there was Wardy and Sarah sitting, asking us where we've been because they've been waiting for us at the house for ages. We said we were looking for them.

What confused me was if they were at the house who was the shadow that ran past and why was it so cold was it a ghost I wonder?

Leigh Finlayson, UK
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