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Shadow in the Mirror

Maria-Paz Brandan, Colorado, Chile
November 1999

The following incident happened to me when I was about 19 years old and I was vacationing at the beach resort of Pichidangui, North of Chile at a friend's house.

My friend had a beautiful big house over the fisherman's wharf, this house was situated about 100 yard over the road, that means that the garden was at the level of the road and the house was higher (I explain this because is important to remember). This house had a balcony that it surrounded the house, kind like a porch. My room was between two rooms, the living room and my friend's room who was at the left end of the house, there were two doors in the room one to the living room in the back of my bed and the other door to my friend's room at the bed feet, my bed was aligned to the window parallel to the balcony, also parallel to my bed by the wall it was also a table with a 3 face mirror.

It was maybe our second night there around midnight and I was trying to fall sleep, but I had a very uneasy feeling like there was something going to happen, I am laying on my left side facing the window when I see the curtains moving, like a breeze had entered the room, I was very aware that the windows were closed and that the breeze couldn't come from outside, at that time I knew there was something really wrong, I decided to check around with my eyes wide open, I lifted my head from my position laying on my left to my head facing forward, like twisting only my front body, the room was not dark there were some light coming from the lights that light the road, inside the room I could see a big black shadow reflected in the left wing of the mirror (this mirror had 3 parts, like the old ones, one in the middle and 2 wings in both sides), so I saw the shadow's reflection moving from my bed foot the left mirror to the middle mirror and to the right one that it was the closest to the head of my bed (the shadow looked bigger as it approached me and it was not only a reflection in the mirror it was getting taller almost reaching the roof). At that time in a second I came back to my position laying on my left side and I faced the sheets, feeling this thing's power or energy laying at the same time over me, at the same time I screamed my friend's name shaking my body like getting rid of it's weight.

The thing disappeared as fast as it came, my friend rushed into the room wondering what had made me scream like I did, I explained to her and we checked the windows for some crack, they were closed, and we also confirmed that no car had drove by so there was no headlights that they could've produced the reflection in the mirror, even it some car had passed there was no way that a reflection could have showed in the mirror because the house was to high from the road. We decided to forget and not to think about it.

The next week I brought another friend to stay with me at the same room, again I am trying to sleep in the same bed than before and I start of having a terrible itching all over my body, I stayed still believing that the itch was for having too much sun at the beach that day, because I knew the bed was clean when I went to rest, after some time the itching became uncontrollable so I decided to check what was in the bed, when we turned the lights and I got up, my friend and I got the scared of our lives, my bed was filled with ants, there were thousands of ants forming a shape of a body where I was resting, it is important to say that the ants were not anywhere else in the room, they were not coming from the floor in a row, they were only in the bed like someone had deposit a jar with them in it. Another incident without explanation.

The following weekend my Dad and my boyfriend came to spend it with us, they stayed in a room at the end of the house, the comment after some months it was that they hadn't been able to sleep quiet the two nights they stayed there, there were noises coming from the roof of the room and from inside the closest, like animals running and quirking, the check and of course they reached no rational explanation. My Dad decided not to mention anything while they were there, they didn't want to scare us because we were only 3 women alone staying the rest of the vacation.

The years passed and more stories happened there, I gathered some from my friend's relatives and some other happened to myself, we never got to know what had happened in that house or who was living there before, the house was maybe 60 years old, the house and the furniture had been part of a payment that my friend's husband got as a part of a business transaction, so we never could check the past of the house or what happened there.

I moved to the states in 1995 and of course I lost track of the stories at this Pichidangui's house, but I still believe that thing was evil, powerful and filled with bad energy, and I know if I ever come back to that house it will be still waiting to give me a welcome home no matter what.

Maria-Paz Brandan, Colorado, Chile
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