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Shadow Man

Arizona, USA
November 2000

Ihave had several experiences with ghosts in my life. The first one was when I was fifteen and living in Hawaii on the airforce base there. My friends were into "satanic" music and clothes. You know the type, totally ignorant of what they were really messing with when they talked about evil and demons. One night, on the beach, one of my friends got the grand idea to "call up" a demon. None of us took him seriously, and pretty much ignored the pentagram and other symbols he began drawing in the sand. Well, eventually, my best friend and I got bored with the whole situation. I went to go call my mother to pick us up, since our friends looked too into their "conjuring" to bother taking us home. The pay phone was several hundred feet away from the picnic tables and fire we were all gathered around. Keep in mind this was a dark beach, with no lights, and it was a new moon. I took off by myself to go call. I was almost to the phone when I heard hard footfalls coming up behind me. I turned around, expecting one of my idiot friends to be sneaking up on me to scare me. As I turned, I noticed that there was no breathing sound one might expect from someone running up like that (it was on sand, have you ever tried to run on sand?). I finished turning and what I can only describe as a dark shadow ran right past me. It was less than a foot away from me, and was NOT solid. I could still hear the hard footsteps going by. Needless to say, I was a little shaken. My best friend came up a few moments later, looking very worried. She explained to me that she had come after me because she had seen "something" chase after me.

We both walked to the phone, called my mother, and walked back to the parking lot to wait for her. All of our friends claimed to have seen a dark figure on the beach that night. I have no reason to think that my ignorant friend summoned a demon. But, we were on the beach across from Pearl Harbor, and Hawaii is a very haunted place. I think my friends opened themselves up, and therefore everyone around them, to something that night. I seem to have been the only one it approached.

I have seen similar "shadow people" two other times since then, and have been touched once by one of them, but that's another story......

Arizona, USA
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