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Shadow Man And Little Shadow People

Anonymous, SC, USA
October 2011

My brother who is now 27 had just moved into his new house. He moved out for an unrelated reason but admitted that he was experiencing unexplainable things. Such as noises in another room, but stopped when he approached it. Shadow-like beings seen out the corner of his eye.

He saw quick reflections in the TV which was off at the time. His 1-year-old daughter, began to scream at the stop of her lungs and cry at 9:30 pm every night. He and his girlfriend heard an extremely loud crash that sounded like glass breaking that scared the both of them. When they went to go see what fell there was nothing. Her sister and their two daughters were sleeping at the time and they heard nothing because they didn't wake up. Also a neighbor had mentioned that the previous renters had moved out shortly after moving in due to them seeing a toaster fly off the counter and hit the wall. However, that's not what leaves me questioning.

After he admitted that, we got to talking about our experiences. I being a paranormal fanatic my ears were glued. He told me about what he experienced when he was little. We lived in separate houses so I never experienced any of this; in fact, I never knew about any of this before he told me.

My mom and step-dad had the living room in the den. All of the things that happened to him only happened when our parents were in the den. They later moved out of the den to the other spare room not due to experiences but just because they wanted more space.

He said that when he was little, about 5 to 8 years old, he saw a big tall shadow man - his eyes were big and black and he had a bone like face that was in a shape of a square. When he saw this bone-faced shadow man, he quickly rolled over facing his back towards it and shut his eyes. He felt like his whole body was lifting up in the air. He didn't open his eyes until he felt like he was back on his bed. He then opened his eyes, and nothing was there. On another occasion when he saw the shadow bone man, he heard someone walking down the hall. He thought it was Mom going to check up on him, but he saw the shadow man again but that time he didn't feel like he was being lifted up. He was so scared that he slept with his covers covered from his feet up to his neck, and with a baseball bat and nun chucks. He felt that if he was covered from head to toe whatever it was wouldn't bother him.

One night he didn't have the bat and nun chucks and his feet were uncovered. He wasn't sure if it was due to him tossing and turning, or if something uncovered him. He woke up to a lot of little shadow people surrounding him. They were about a couple of feet tall. They tied a roped around his neck and pulled him out of the bed and through the house. The front door was open, and he couldn't scream or anything. He was grabbing on to anything and everything trying to stop these little evil people. He saw the rope already leading out the door. He found a pair of scissors and cut the rope. He ran into the mom's room and fell asleep in her bed when he woke up the next morning he had an imprint of a rope around his neck. Mom had asked him how he got the rope imprint around his neck. He told her, but she never believed him. He also said that he's seen doors open on their own and his cat was hissing and meowing and when he went to go see what she was hissing at her hind legs were up in the air while her front legs were on the floor. She was looking back at NOTHING and was hissing. Like I said this all happened when our parents turned the den into the living room and when they moved into the bigger spare room, all of it quit.

As he grew up, he experienced doors and such opening and closing but that was about it. When he told mom about everything, she didn't believe him. I have been trying to look up information about these little evil people. The only thing I came up with is a Fairy type being, which has said to kidnap people and breed with their own kind. Kind of like aliens. I thought these fairy tales were just that, TALES! I guess not. I've heard a lot of stories about fairies and gnome type beings over in Ireland, but I live in the USA.

I believe him when he was telling this story, he was almost in tears. I am so dead set on finding what these little evil people are and what they were planning to do with my big brother. I was actually scared out of my mind. I slept on the couch with the TV on and the lights on. This is not some made up story I really need to know about these little evil people!

Anonymous, SC, USA
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