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Shadow Man In The Basement

Kayla, TX, USA
March 2006

I've always been interested in the paranormal but I never had an experiences with it until we moved into our new house.

It started out with small things, like my light and T.V. going off but everything else staying on so I know it couldn't have been an electrical problem, certain cold spots in my room, and in the middle of the night I'd hear voices but I always told myself it was my sisters T.V., it helped me sleep better.
My Mom never believed me until one night we were sitting in my room watching T.V when all of a sudden it just shut itself off, when she looked at me I just said "told ya so!" She tries to stay out of my room as much as she can now.
Another thing that happened was one night I had a friend over and the next morning my Dad complained to me that we were too loud last night and he couldn't sleep, of course I couldn't tell him this, but that night we had snuck out and stayed out all night, so there's no way it could of been us.
The last major thing that happened was in the middle of the night: I was sleeping and woke-up for no real reason and noticed that my fan was off (I always sleep with a fan on because I hate the silence of nighttime) and that it was freezing in my room, so I sat up and noticed a shadow on my wall, you see I have a satellite system that has a light on it and it hits my computer chair and casts a shadow on my wall of the chair. The shadow it looked like there was a person sitting in the chair, I put this off as my imagination but then I looked at my chair and saw that the chair was slowly swinging from side to side like someone was sitting in it... needless to say I just put the covers over my head and drifted off too sleep around dawn.
Some people might just put it off as me being disoriented but I know what I saw and I know that something was sitting in my was my shadow man.

Kayla, TX, USA
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