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Shadow On The Wall

Kierstin & Kriston, CA, USA
June 2002

We are 19 year old twin sisters. We lived in Placerville California. In a quiet house in a quiet neighborhood. We now live in Twin Falls in Idaho. That may seem a little strange, but it's true.


- It all started when I was 7. I had the very top room of our old yellow house. I had a lot of stuffed animals all around me. One night I was up reading a book to my dad when suddenly he said he had to go check on something downstairs. I figured he had left a door unlocked and would come back up to let me finish my story. As I watched him back slowly out my door I realized he was looking at something behind me. I turned to see what it was and he relaxed with a huge sigh. "Daddy, what was you looking at?" I asked He said "Nothing sweety I must have just seen a shadow from outside." "Oh ok. Goodnight." "Goodnight." As he closed the door I looked back at my window. The curtains were shut. There was no way he could have seen a shadow from outside. I was a little freaked out, but decided to just think about something else while I went to sleep.

I woke up about three hours later and I was suddenly compelled to look at the wall. When I did I saw a dark shadow standing there motionless on the wall. I thought I must have been dreaming because I didn't have my night light on and I had turned it on when daddy had come into the room. I looked at the shadow hard and said "Your not real." It suddenly had two light spots for eyes. I jumped back to the edge of my bed as the shadow moved around to the wall at the foot of my bed. I screamed as loud as I could. Suddenly it disappeared.


- It all stared for me when I heard my sister screaming. She woke me up but how could she not she screams louder then anyone I know. But anyway. I got out of bed and made a dash for my sisters room,but as I reached my door I saw it. A dark shadow sweeping down the hall toward my room. I made a mad dash toward my bed to hide under the covers. My dad and mom came running up the stairs to Kierstin's room. I heard mom say "What's wrong sweetie?" "I saw a big dark shadow. It was scary mommy" Then I heard footsteps coming toward my room. I didn't know who it was so I dove under my bed. To my great relief it was my dad. I looked around to see if it had come into my room. I guess my parents scared it away when they had turned on the lights. My dad asked "Are you o-k sweetie? Why are you under the bed?" I was so frightened all I could say was "T- T-The shadow.


- "Mommy, did you see the shadow?" I asked. "No, baby, what shadow?" "The one in my room. I know you had to pass it to get here." " There is no one else here." My mom was looking very tired so she probably didn't see it. "Ok, mommy, well you look tired so go back to bed." " Alright Kierstin. Goodnight." " Night." as soon as she left I ran down the hall to Kriston's room. I was standing in the doorway, when I heard her say something about a shadow. "You saw it to?" I asked her " Of course I saw it. Do I look blind?" " No. Just stupid." "Hey girls stop it now." said dad. " So do you believe us?" I asked him. "Yes I guess so." He said "What do you mean you guess so. You either do or you don't, daddy." Kriston said. " Daddy! That's what you saw in my room ain't it?" I asked. "Yes,or thought I saw."

For the next couple of months the shadow kept appearing. Not only to me, dad and Kriston but to our friends and family (including mom.) When we were 13 years old they had had enough. The shadow not only appeared, but it made noises as well. Thats when they decided we were going to move to Twin Falls, Idaho by our grandparents.

On the last night we where in the house something happened that had never happened before. The shadow formed different letters on our wall (we were in the living room in sleeping bags).It formed the letters ILMISU (I'll miss you).

About 2 years after we moved out of the old house we found out it was nearly over 150 years old. And that everyone who lived there had moved out.

I WONDER WHY?????????????

Hope you enjoyed our our experience.

Kierstin & Kriston, CA, USA
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