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Shadow People (1)

Toni Amato, PA, USA
October 2006

This happened to me when I was 9 yrs old and staying with my aunt and uncle in a suburb of New Jersey for a summer vacation.

Their development was quite new and there was only a street light when you turned into their lane and that was it. So it was like being in the country at that time in 1963. It was very dark at night plus the room I slept in had chocolate brown lined curtains so when I say it was dark, I mean you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. My relatives did not sleep with a hall light on or even a night light for the bathroom.
I slept on the top bunk and the lighting fixture was within arm's reach and could be turned on from up in my bunk or by the wall switch. So if I had to use the bathroom all I had to do was reach out my arm and find the switch; it was no problem. Well after about a week of being there strange things started to happen. Every night when everything was very quiet I would wake up to see a black figure of a man walk into the room. First time I saw it I was so terrified I couldn't scream or reach for the light or anything. He would walk around the room, go to the window (the curtains were closed) stand there and then walk over to the little child's desk, bend down as if to check the little items on it (which I couldn't even see because it was so dark in there) and when he would be in profile I could see his lips moving as if he were talking and every now and again he would throw back his head and let out a silent laugh. He seemed oblivious to me but would bend over my little cousin sleeping in the bottom bunk, never touch him, then headed for the door and out he went into the hallway. I thought he was going down the hall to my aunt and uncle's room so I found my voice and started yelling for my Uncle John. My uncle bolted out of bed and ran into our room half asleep saying," What's wrong?" I said there is a man in the house. He was just in the room. Well my uncle checked the house and the doors and of course - nothing. He told me I just had a dream and to go back to sleep. I was embarrassed about the whole thing but he was so good about it and tried to make light of it.
The next night the same thing happened. Exactly like the night before. The same movements by this silhouette and then out and down the hall again. This time I didn't cry out for my uncle but I still didn't have the courage to turn the light on.
Then came the third night. Same thing again but this time when he bent over my sleeping 4 year old cousin, my cousin let out a giggle by which I thought I was going to have heart failure. This time I thought maybe he had touched him and I found the courage to reach for the light and switch it on. Again nothing was there. I started sleeping with the light on and my aunt would complain about wasting electricity so that only lasted a few nights and I was told to stop acting like a baby being afraid of the dark.
Well for a week after that I was awakened every night to the same thing happening and by the end of that week I figured this man wasn't going to hurt anyone so I just kind of dismissed it and sure enough it stopped happening or I just stopped waking up to see it happen.
To this day I don't know if it was me and a kid's imagination or something from another dimension.
Then when I was 17 and out with my boyfriend on a dark, country, privately owned road I happened to glance out the rear window as we sat listening to music and saw the silhouette of 2 men with rifles duck behind our car. I was so scared I started locking doors and screaming there are 2 guys out there with guns, start the car! start the car!! at first my boyfriend just laughed like I was joking with him then he saw the panic on my face and heard it in my voice and knew I wasn't kidding and hit the lights and ignition and sped down the road. I had my eyes glued to the rear window as we took off and nothing was there in light from the tail lights. This was a road with flat mowed fields on both sides there was nowhere to hide and if they were real people I should have caught a glimpse of them running away or at least standing there with their guns (why should they run? they had guns). Needless to say my boyfriend stopped the car a quarter of a mile down that road and said "what the heck is the matter with you?" I was so scared I could barely speak but told him what I had seen. He said the farmer who owned this land knew him and he was allowed to be there and the farmer lived a half mile away and would have had to use the same road to come up on us and who the heck would be out at 10 at night with guns in the middle of a field? We hadn't seen any beam of a flash light,or car lights and heard no car approaching. It was very dark out there but these beings were darker and did look fully human but completely black. There was no reason for me to be seeing things. We weren't talking about spooky stuff. We were not drinking or smoking pot. We had our music on softly and the window was cracked for fresh air. Within 7 seconds we were also out of there and neither one of us saw anything in the tail lights. I don't know what to make of it but I am now 53 years old and I still know it happened.

Toni Amato, PA, USA
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