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Shadows (2)

Kitten, FL, USA
September 2011

I have many stories that I want to share but I will post them later.

The females on my mother’s side of the family have always been slightly ‘gifted’, a slight psychic ability to see spirits.

I will try to keep this as short as I can. I’ve always seen some kind of spirit. It started when I was little. I would see shadow people watching me at night. They would play with me at night, keeping me up all night so I wouldn’t sleep. I told my parents once that the shadows were keeping me up at night but they told me it was my imagination. As I started growing up I would see them less and less.

When I 15 I had surgery on my shoulder after I hurt it in an accident. While I was under my heart stopped though they were able to bring me back. When the nurses brought me out to where my parents where I started flat-lining many times and each time I would start to see a tunnel with a light at the end of it (totally clich’ I know!). But as I was going closer I saw shadowy shapes coming from the walls. They finally got me stable. I went home and for over a year I didn’t see them again.

When I turned 18 I was in a long distance relationship and was very depressed because he was my first real boyfriend and he lived in Canada. I started seeing movement in shadows. He came down for my birthday and for Christmas. While he was down he did some...painful hurtful things. I let my emotions build up for almost a year before I told my parents. During that time I started seeing a shadow person in my doorway. I keep my door closed. It started shaking the foot of my bed, pulling the sheets off, and hitting me.

I stayed quiet about it for another year until my fianc’e, my mother , and myself got on to the topic of ghosts. My mother told me that she has had some experiences like strange smells, voices, and things that she cannot explain. I finally told her that I had been seeing shadow people outside and that there was one that was in my room.

When I took down the cross that I have always had above my window to dust, I lost the nail and so I left it off for the night. I was going to bed and had just turned off the lamp beside my bed off and my eyes had just adjusted when I looked over to the doorway. Standing at least five feet tall was a solid black shadowed wolf was standing there, staring at me. It took a step towards me and I quickly turned the light back on making it disappear. I slept with something playing on my laptop so there was no darkness in my room.

Two nights pass with no sightings of ‘it’. That night mom started looking up shadow people and ways to get rid of them. As she’s talking about how to get rid of them I felt a hand grab the shoulder I had to have fixed and squeeze hard, making it cramp worse than it ever has before. Three o’clock AM comes and my mother takes me into my room to perform a blessing to remove this thing. As the two of us are doing the ritual ‘it’ appeared in my doorway watching us. As we continued it moved to behind me and grabbed my forearm. I tell it to let go of me and to get out of my room. It pushed me down and went back to the doorway and slowly disappeared. When it went away the room suddenly felt new and happy. I haven’t seen anything since.

Kitten, FL, USA
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