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Shadows (3)

Jenna, Nova Scotia, Canada
July 2011

When I was about 9 or 10 I used to have "scary dreams" as my parents would call them, even though I swear I was not sleeping. I had woken up though in the middle of the night and there in my bedroom doorway was a huge black mass in the shape of a man. He filled my doorway and just stood there not moving. He was solid and I could not see through him at all. I knew I was not dreaming because I can remember throwing the blankets over my head to see if he would go away. I did this 4 or 5 times quickly peeking out to see if he was gone but he was still there. Eventually I screamed for my dad and he came running, and when the light came on the figure was gone.

I remember sleeping in their room for night after night. Then a few weeks or months later, I cant really remember, I saw another solid black mass enter my room. This time it was in the shape of a dog. This mass walked in from the hall and laid down right next to my bed. I was too frightened to look again, all I knew was that we did NOT have a dog. Again I yelled for my dad. A few other times I have seen little things in our house and I still get creeped out quite often at night when I'm ready to sleep. Once I saw a woman in a green nightgown looking into my brother's room and white shadows in the hallway.

Sometimes in the basement I would hear little noises but nothing as significant as the 2 black shadows.

Jenna, Nova Scotia, Canada
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