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Shadows in the Night

Heather, Connecticut, USA
March 1998

Well my story is nothing exciting as others I've read on here. About 8 months ago we moved from California to here in Connecticut. The place we moved into is owned by the school system, it's a good 50-80 years old. It was used for the teachers during the turn of the century. When we were un-packing our stuff we would hear footsteps going up and down the basement steps. I would often go over to the door, open it up and look down there. No one to be seen or heard, but there was always a weird feeling down there. Something I couldn't explain. My mom and I were the ones who heard it most. My sister hasn't had any experience at all. I'm the night owl in my family and am usually up till the wee hours of the morning. Our computer (at the time) was upstairs. I would always hear voices talking downstairs and everytime I would lean over the railing to see if I was just imagining things the voices would stop. Knowing the T.V. was off and my family was asleep I started to get real spooked. Once again away from the railing I could hear them again. Occasionally when I would look over to see where the voices were coming from I would see little balls of light on the staircase. I wasn't sure how to take in what I was seeing so I dismissed them as fire flys. Now all this calmed down for a couple of months until the real sighting that freaked me out happened. This was last month and I was downstairs late one night on the computer looking at sites online. We finally converted the room down here into the office and moved the PC here (the layout of the house is that the office is right next to the kitchen, you make a right from the office, going through the kitchen and your in the living room). Out of the corner of my right eye I saw the overhead light in the living room turn on and then off. Thinking my sister was playing some stupid joke on me I turned towards the kitchen to see what was going on. This time looking into the kitchen I could see the shadow of someone standing by the switch. The shadow was there for a good 2-4 seconds and then the light went off again. When it turned back on the shadow was gone and no where to be seen. I got up from the computer to investigate. I went into the living room to find no one in there, but just an eerie feeling in the air. It finally hit me that it couldn't have been my sister, the shape of the shadow was of a man and was much taller then my sister or mother. I went to check to see if my family was asleep, and as I thought...they were. I discussed this with my mom the next day, she tends to think it's my grandfather. You see he died of cancer in 94' when we still lived in CA. Soon after that there was little hints going around that he was still with us. The television turning on and the channels flipping to sports (as he always loved to watch). When that happened there was always a safe feeling around. So maybe he followed us here. Who knows, but I've always had ghostly experiences happen to me, maybe I'll submit some more of them. To this day I'm still wondering what will come next in this house.

Heather, Connecticut, USA
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