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Shadows of The Past

S?ndi , Devon, England
December 2000

It was a miserable night. And as usual I put on my coat, ready to walk the dog.

I always take the same route through the park, and that night was like no other. I walked up the path leading up to the remains of what was once a castle. (This has been modernised. the only thing remaining from that time is a lookout point.) I was sure my dog was not far behind me, as I entered the enclosure. I could hear him rustling about, so I felt no need to call him. The place was deserted. (May I note that this was in the early hours of the morning, and there is hardly ever anyone about.)

The place where I walk the dog, is very open, there are a few benches situated around this point, as on a good day, you can see right out into the break water. It was on one of these benches that I came across the old man.

I stopped to say "Good-evening" as there were not always people around, and it was cold. Above all, I was curious of the reason why he should be sat there on his own, at that time of night, and clearly without a dog.

He was quite obviously cold, because he was without a jacket, as far as I can recall he was only wearing a shirt, and a sleeveless jumper. He smiled at me, and spoke. I remember I was listening for quite some time, before collecting my dog, and heading home.

I told my boyfriend of the encounter, and of the story the man had told me. My boyfriend remarked that I had not been gone that long, and how could I have had a conversation of that length and depth with anyone.

It was only afterwards when I thought about the situation and realised that the gentleman I was talking to was totally unaffected by the weather, and was talking of the water, as if it were a clear day: and the ships he mentioned I had never come across, only in the books I had used at school.

Least to say I was nervous the following night about going up to that particular spot, but I never met the old man again.

I leave the conclusion of this story to you. But I am sure I saw a ghost that night.

What do you think?

S?ndi , Devon, England
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