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She's Home

Anonymous, Essex, UK
June 2010

I live in a small area called Colchester, it’s quite busy but my road is almost always deserted, I have had encounters but I never thought anything of it until this night.

It was the middle of winter. My mum went to the shops, taking my 1 younger and 2 of my older sisters with her. She said she was going to be a couple of hours because she had to pop in somewhere on the way back. My oldest sister had left shortly after her. I was 13 and left at home alone, we have a 4 bedroom house which is quite old.

I was sitting on the sofa in our lounge when I decided to shut all the curtains and turn some lights on, this made the house feel really creepy. Occasionally the floorboards creek and I would jump if someone made a noise next door.

None of my neighbours were in so I thought I'd turn my music up loud. I was jumping around with my biscuits and crisps when I heard something bang on the ceiling. I put the CD player on mute so I could listen if there was any more noises - nothing. I decided to turn the Cd player off and sit quietly on the sofa and watch some TV. As the break came on, my heart missed a beat, there was someone on the stairs. I panicked and turned the TV all the way down. The door that led to the hallway and stairs opened slowly.

I kept quiet but something in me made me ask if there was someone there. Suddenly it sounded as if the person or thing was running up the stairs. I grabbed my phone and dialed my mum’s number to ask what to do. The operator told me that her phone was turned off and weirdly my phone lost battery and turned off when I had only just charged it. I heard a noise behind me and I swept around quickly to see a little girl in a long pink dress. It was quite old fashioned and she had no shoes.

At first I thought it must be a lost child but then I noticed that she couldn't have got in as the back and front door were locked. She had no shadow and she was standing on the left of the light, there should have been a shadow somewhere. She opened her mouth as if to say something but no words came out. I let her pass into the kitchen as I couldn't move, I was so scared that it felt as though my feet were glued to the floor. She couldn't have been bad because she wouldn't have just stood there and looked at me. As I moved into the kitchen I looked and nothing, the girl had just gone.

I told my mum but she just told me that I was seeing things and that I must have been tired. I have seen her since but only when I’m home alone. Maybe it’s just me?

Anonymous, Essex, UK
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