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She Came Out of Nowhere

Anonymous, MN, USA
June 2010

The title really goes well with the story. She did come out of nowhere. No one died in the clubhouse. But she was still there. At first, I didn't really believe anything was there, now, I'm one of the only ones who does.

It all started when me and my best friend went past the clubhouse and felt sick. We wondered what was wrong, but we ignored it. I mean, what could be wrong? But then things got weird. Me and my friend went inside and looked around. Nothing was unusual. Except a reflection we saw in the glass doors. We saw a little girl. She was about four feet tall with short black hair. She kind of creeped us out. We stood there looking at her when a broken part of a chair started to move back and forth. We screamed and ran out of the clubhouse.

We were so curious about this ghost. Who was she? We decided that we would find out. We put out a piece of paper and pen, asked how old she was, and walked out. About five minutes later we walked back in and we both were shocked. In the corner of the paper, was the number 7.

My brother thought it was pretty cool that we had found this evidence. We wanted her to write more. So we set out another piece of paper and asked her another question. Again, we got a response. We were thrilled! What would my mom think? We showed her. She told us that there was nothing there and obviously one of us wrote on the paper. But of course we ignored my mom. We wanted to find out more!

We asked ourselves a lot of questions. How do we find out her name? We figured if we write out a bunch of girls names, one must be hers. So we came up with a list, went into the clubhouse and read them off. When we got to "Casey" a plastic figure fell really hard on the ground. Harder than if it just tipped over.

This activity went on for about two months. Then suddenly it stopped. What ever happened to Casey? We may never know. My brother stopped believing after a while. So now, it's just me and my friend. We believe.

Anonymous, MN, USA
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