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She Never Told Me About Them

Faythe, MI, USA
May 2015

My name is Faythe, and I honestly have this experience that I need to get off my chest. My best friend, Kristi and I have known each other for fifteen years. I wasn't a very popular girl at school, and I never really went to a friend's house before. Kristi always seemed so nervous when I asked her if I could stay the night. She shot me down every time. She was fine with spending the night at my house, though. I always thought "well, maybe she just doesn't get along with her parents," and for a while that explanation was good enough for me.

When we were both in middle school (she is 7th grade, I in 8th), Kristi finally said she was okay with me meeting her family and spending the night at her house. I was so excited! Let me start off by saying the instant I saw this house, I didn't like it. It was this old, decrepit farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. There was a barn farther back on the property with an old, unused grain silo that had collapsed partially. They had chickens stored in the barn and you could hear them clucking away from the house.

Now, this farmhouse was the definition of eerie. The white paint was peeling, the garage door squealed when it opened and as if that weren't terrifying enough, there was this creepy little corridor right next to the garage leading into the house. It was paneled with wood, and the carpeting was that nasty pokey green fake grass stuff. I hated it. The worst part was when you opened the front door to get inside, right in front of you were the basement stairs. To the right is the door leading into the kitchen. I hate that there is no door barring off the basement. You end up just staring down into the darkness and you just...know.. that something is watching you. It's this cold, analyzing feeling. I can't even begin to describe it to you.

Well, I really wanted to like this place, so I ignored all of the creepy feelings emanating from that house. Let me start with the first thing I think that really freaked me out. Kristi told me this story about her closet, and how when she was really young, she had a little friend named Emily who always liked to play in her closet. Her parents thought she was just an imaginary friend for a long time....until Kristi started telling them that she felt sad for Emily because she can't find her family since the "accident." Emily wore this simple white dress and she had long, dark hair kept back in a headband. Kristi told me that she remembered Emily suddenly changing one day. Her white dress was covered in bloodstains and her face and arms were coated in dried blood. She asked her friend why she was bleeding, and Emily said because of the accident. Of course, Kristi told her mother that they had to take Emily to the hospital. That's when her mom called a priest and had the house blessed. Kristi never saw her friend again. I figured if they had the house blessed, than everything must be fine now. Not really.

Another time I spent the night, Kristi and I saw these unexplained lights from her bedroom window. They were two really big shining orbs. Her window didn't face the road, it faced the forest bordering the property and a field on the right side. We thought at first that maybe they were the lights from a tractor...but... the lights slowly just vanished, they weren't side-by-side, and there was no engine running. We called it the ghost tractor.

Probably the most terrifying time for me was when I took a shower at her house before a school dance and I went to step out of the shower, and I felt this burning pain. I didn't shave, and I didn't hit my ankle on something, but there was a steady stream of blood leaking out of the heel on my ankle. I still don't understand what happened. Kristi told me I must've hit it on the sliding metal grates along the side of the shower (where you slide the glass shower doors across) but I was careful to avoid it and with the angle I was climbing out of it I just don't understand how it could've been. It was too much blood to be a bite, and it looked like a scratch mark. I still have the scar.

Kristi's boyfriend slept in the basement once, and he refused to ever do it again because he had the most demonic nightmares from it. He was so horrified that he went upstairs and was silent for a few hours. She couldn't even get him to talk to her for a long time because he was so afraid.

Her father never believed in spirits, but her mom was a heavy believer. Once, I was there with my boyfriend, Kristi and two of our friends gathered at the kitchen table. Her mom was doing dishes. We were laughing and joking around and suddenly the kitchen door (that is always kept wide open because her mom hates looking down at the basement in pure darkness) slammed shut. There were no windows open, no explanation. One of the girls looked over at Kristi's mom and she asked with concern, "Did that door just...shut on its own?" Her mom nodded and said that "they" just liked peace and quiet. The scariest part is that she referred to the spirits as "they" or "them." Since that incident, she did it a lot more often. I think it was in the hopes her husband would let her have the house blessed again.

I noticed their little chihuahua, Cooper, has gotten even more antsy over the years. He is always barking at the little space between the front door, kitchen door and the basement stairs. Always. It's completely out of nowhere and unexplainable why he does it, but Cooper will only bark if the door is open. If the kitchen door is closed, he doesn't make a sound. I figure "they" must have been pushed into the basement by the blessing.

I still wonder why Kristi never really mentioned the ghosts before. I don't really know what they are, to be honest. Sometimes, they are like poltergeists. Other times, they are tricksters. Kristi has been touched inappropriately while doing laundry in the basement before. She also had an incident while she was showering and she forgot a towel. No one was home, and when she opened the door to grab a towel from their hallway cabinet, Kristi stepped on one that had been placed on the hallway floor. The cabinet doors were open, and when she looked in the mirror before wiping it off so she could apply makeup, the word welcome was written there. So, sometimes they are even helpful.

I don't exactly know if they are all evil, or if some are kind and some are bad. Either way, they're all just a little terrifying. Part of me really wishes she would've told me about them. Anyway, you can believe me if you want, or not. I just needed to get that off my chest, so thanks for reading!

Faythe, MI, USA
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