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She Still Weeps

Miriam Trejo, CA, USA
September 2003

I can still feel my skin crawl when I think back to this event. I can still see it in my mind as if it just happened two minuets ago... but it didn't, it happened two years ago.

I'm 20 now and had never been so scared in my life.

My brother and I were home alone in our country house... Literally, don't think magazine country, but canal bank around us and field in our back yard. We were at home just hanging out when all of a sudden, our dogs start barking like crazy. At first, my brother and I figured that the dogs were barking because it was dark out they couldn't recognize someone that had driven up in their car. It was kind of late already so my brother and I figured it was our parents getting home but we didn't see their headlights.

After about ten minutes of our dogs barking wildly, our neighbor calls and asks us to check to see who the woman walking outside was. I thought this was kind of weird because we live in the country and nobody really walks around our house so late at night. I agreed to do it, given the fact that I could hear her voice quivering.

Once I got outside, that's when I saw her. I stopped dead in my tracks... I had always heard tales of her as a child but never really thought she was real. I was actually watching La Llorna parade right in front of me. She was about fifty feet away from me. She didn't turn and look at me, but I stared at her. I was frozen with terror. She walked with a glow to her. She was floating gracefully. She had to have been a good six inches of the ground. I stood there quietly, shocked, frozen for what seemed like hours but in reality, was a couple of minuets. I stared in awe.

She was somewhat transparent in her white gown. Just when she was almost out of sight, she turned and looked at me. My heart stopped beating and jumped into my throat. We had made eye contact. My brother then grabbed me and pulled me inside. We watched from the window as she began to walk toward our house. My dogs began to bark louder than ever. My brother then lost sight of her in our front yard. I was peering out the blinds to find her when I felt my brother tap me on the shoulder. I turned around and there she was at our back door (glass sliding door). She was staring blankly at us.

She was a pale faced woman with long black hair. My brother and I didn't look at each other, but continued to stare at her. There was nothing to do. She was just standing there. Then she vanished. It was as if she was gone within the blink of an eye. My brother then looked at me. All he could say was, "You do know that was her don't you?" I then nodded.

We didn't see her again after that but a couple of weeks later, my brother in law described seeing the same woman on his way to mexicali (baja cali).

That was enough for me. My only regret is not having followed her or attempting to make contact wither her. I guess I was too terrified at the moment.

Miriam Trejo, CA, USA
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