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She Was Angry

Romi, UK
April 2004

Hi to all! This story did not actually happen to me but to my mum when she was in her teens.

When my mum was about 17 I'd say she used to go out every Saturday to a night club or restaurant, she would arrive home very late and as she couldn't drive she had to get a taxi.

One night she had done her usual round of partying and was in a taxi with some friends coming home from a club, they were driving between two fields coming into Berkhamstead. As teenagers do they were just laughing alot and the driver was joining in too when suddenly this old woman appeared from absolutely NOWHERE!! The taxi driver slammed down the breaks and they all screamed, wouldn't you? In front of them was an old woman wearing a big fur coat and was giving them an outrageous look as if she was very angry, as my mum explains it. But as quickly as she came she was gone! My mum and her friends and the taxi driver were totally shocked! They carried on driving saying nothing on the subject about what they had just experienced, they drove in silence.

Neither my mum or me knew why the old lady had appeared in front of them. Maybe she was killed by a careless driver and was angry at them for laughing and just wanted to make sure they drove carefully so no other person got hurt? I think I'll let you decide!

Thanks for taking your time to read this story.

Romi, UK
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