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She Wore A Yellow Dress

April 2005

My ghost story is about a woman who was married to an ex-boyfriend of mine. I never liked her, or the way she raised her kids. I never told her this and was always polite and respectful towards her when we went over to see my boyfriends kids. After 7 yrs of living together, I decided I was sick of his drinking and his dysfunctional family and moved 5,500 miles away across the US to get away from everyone including my own family.

I became depressed because my current relationship wasn't going well and was trying to decide whether I should risk moving back home to where my family and old boyfriend was, or stay where I was and work at my new relationship. I went to bed that night and decided the next day I needed to make my decision to go back or stay. All night long I dreamt that I was talking to a very dear and close friend in a grassy field with bright sunshine and lots of flowers. We were discussing everything from boyfriends to clothing. Suddenly, I noticed the friend I was talking to was the woman I despised - once married to my ex- boyfriend. She said she knew I didn't like her but she always liked me. I knew she had died a few months earlier, but she was the last person on earth that I thought I'd be sitting with having this kind of conversation. She told me to "Stay and to keep doing what I was doing" then she said "Trust me you'll see".

As I woke up, she was standing next to my bed wearing a yellow dress. She was more beautiful than I'd ever seen her and she kept repeating herself as she slowly disappeared. I had to call my ex to find out what she was wearing at her funeral and he told me, she wore a yellow dress her daughter picked out for her. My ex thought that he might have a chance that we would get back together, and I kept the option open, but didn't let him know and later decided not to. About 3 months later, my ex called me and told me he had a dream that his ex-wife told him to forget about me, I was too far away and I wasn't coming back.

I stayed, my relationship got better and I feel much better. I think people think I'm crazy for telling them this, but, those who do believe me, as well as myself, would like to know what the significance is to all of this. Why did she feel she needed to visit me?

I haven't seen her, but she's always in my thoughts now. I have no desire to go back to the old boyfriend and I feel further away from him than I ever had. I wish my dad would visit me like this.

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