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Shell Shock

Minnesota, USA
August 1997

Over the years, I have seen, heard and felt hundreds of things I can't explain. But the one event that frightens me to this day is an experience I had at a friend's house.

My friend "Joe" and I are both very sensitive to paranormal activity. One Saturday, we decided to call on some mutual friends, "Dan" and "Mike Adams." Dan and Mike were brothers, Dan being the younger. Dan and Mike's parents had recently moved into a new home in one of those neighborhoods that grew up after WWII to supply returning soldiers with homes of their own to start families in. Neither Joe nor I had yet been to the house.

Dan and Mike had always been outgoing and friendly, the life of the party, as it were. Their parents had also been a happy, loving couple. But in the last few months, stress levels had begun to rise in the Adams household, and it seemed as if even their personalities were changing --especially Mike.

From the moment Joe and I arrived that Saturday, we could tell something was wrong. We walked in the front door, and I got a distinct sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. On the grand tour of the house, we stopped in the upstairs bedroom, belonging to Dan. The sick feeling subsided, and I knew that whatever else went on in the house, this had been a safe place for its inhabitants. We finished the upstairs, and ventured into the basement. The stairway was against a wall on the left side. On that wall at the end of the stairs were two doors. The second was the washroom and the first was Mike's bedroom. The sinking, stifling feeling I had felt upstairs increased, exponentially as we descended the stairs. We went to the couch and chairs which faced the television on a stand next to the stairs, and the doors to the rooms were now on our right. We sat watching television for about an hour, all the while, Joe and I felt more and more uncomfortable. There was something, the only way I can describe it is like an energy field seeping out from the right side of the room. It came to us in pulses. Someone suggested we watch a video, and Mike said he had some we could watch. He got up, went across the basement, and opened his door. As he did so, the energy force that had been pulsating before, now rolled out of his room into the basement in a wave. I was frozen in terror. I had never felt pure evil until that day. Joe grabbed my arm and screamed for us all to run. The four of us vaulted up the stairs and didn't stop until we hit the neighbors' lawn where we collapsed, panting and frightened half to death. Afterwards, Mike slept upstairs, and the four of us did some digging to see what caused the disturbance. It turns out that the house had been on the market for some time before Dan and Mike's parents bought it. But why? After much probing, and some coercing, we got the story. The original family bought the house just after the war. The man was a G.I. just returned from Europe, and the woman had worked for the army overseas. They lived in the house without incident for several years, even had a child. When the boy was about eight, something happened. The man just snapped, and killed his wife and his son. Then he killed himself. In Mike's bedroom.

Whether the evil in that house came from the man, or had proceeded the house, no one is truly sure. It has been six years since that incident. Since then, the Adams have moved to a new home. None of us know how the new family is getting along, if they haven't already moved. Nor do we care to go back to find out.

Minnesota, USA
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