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Should've Listened to it.......

Pandora, Quebec, Canada
May 1998

Before starting this story, I have to say that one of my uncles claims he can communicate with spirits. For a reason that I ignore, I have always believed in what he said.

Like any teenager, I thought the Ouija game was an exciting one. I still think that.This story which is true happened when I was 17. It was on a Saturday night around 10 o'clock. My brother, one of our friends and I decided to play Ouija on a board that we made up. We shut down the lights and lit up a candle. As we were playing and asking the typical teenage questions we thought about involving my uncle in the game. The thing is my uncle lives far from where I live so we asked the spirit to search for my uncle so we could talk to him with the help of the spirit.

The name of my uncle is Raynald, so I asked the board: "Is Raynald here?" and it said yes. We wanted to know if it was really him so we asked him his birthday. Nobody who was playing knew it. It spelled out a precise date, so went and ask my father who's his brother if it was his birthday. He checked in the papers and everything was true. We continued playing by asking him if he had a message for us. He said to us not to go out that night. We were about to go bowling. So we asked the question why and he said because there will be an accident....Oh yeah! Right!!! We didn't know what to believe.

We decided to go bowling forgetting the message behind us. As we were getting back from the bowling game, there was a big snow storm outside. I was driving carefully because of the could be true. And it was. On a slope I lost control of the car and crashed into a road sign. Nobody was hurt, but we had quite a shock noticing that the Ouija told us the truth.

Pandora, Quebec, Canada
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