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Sighting of Honor

Pennsylvania, USA
June 2000

A couple years ago I was at my grandma's house in Pennsylvania. Her house was really old and built around the 1820's.

One time I was in the guest room of their house with my brother. We heard a noise like the thumping of boots in the hall. My brother and I crept into the hall and we were behind him and there was in living color a Yankee soldier from The Civil War. He turned into my grandparents room we looked in the door and there was nothing there. We asked my grandma about it and she said sometimes at night when she's sleeping she would see a Yankee soldier walking around in the hall and sometimes he would even come in. She always kept it to herself because she thought it was a dream. We did a little research and found out that in the time of The Civil War there was a soldier living in the house with his parents. He was killed in The Battle of Shiloh and the body was never found. My brother and I consider it a Sighting of Honor.

Pennsylvania, USA
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