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Silver Spoons

Tony Lewis, IL, USA
May 2001

My Aunt had a set of silver spoons she had hung on her wall, they were bought from a flea market. As soon as she had hung them strange things began to happen.

The first night she got very sick and couldn't even make it upstairs to go to bed. The next morning she woke up she went to the kitchen and seen the spoons laying on the floor by the washer and dryer. She hung them back up and the next afternoon when she came home from the grocery store the spoons were again on the floor.

That night when she went to sleep she heard voices in the house and the next morning the spoons were on the floor again, she starting getting sick and my mother came to stay with her, and she told her she thought the spoons were evil.

She found the spoons on the floor and through them away, but her mother got sicker. The next day my mother noticed that one of the spoons was sticking out from under the washer and she ran and took it to the garbage can outside. The strange thing was as soon as she took the spoon out of the house she got better.

We think maybe there was some strange evil in the spoons. She doesn't buy from flea markets anymore.

Tony Lewis, IL, USA
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