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Singapore Haunts

Jennifer K, Vic, Australia
September 2003

These incidents happened about 10 years ago when I was about 16 years old. My best friend who's parents were diplomats of another Asian country (I will not name for privacy reasons)were stationed in Singapore and were relocated to a new property on the same grounds as the Embassy they worked for. This new complex was newly built on very old land and the last locals to live there was probably in the 70's.

For some background info on this area (which will help to understand the story better),Singapore has had a lot of blood shed on it's soil due to the Japanese occupation and almost everywhere you go some incident from the war can be told about a particular piece of land or building. So to continue, the new estate was built on land that had seen a lot of death in the past. One particular evening my friend and I were chilling out in her bedroom which was on the second floor. The bedroom had 2 main windows that faced the front of the house and the 3rd was on the corner to the left of the house,there was no balcony or any way to get in or out from the ground floor from the outside.

The two of us had just finished homework and were being quite quiet. the curtains were drawn and we had just started having a chat when we heard a sharp cracking noise run from the farthest right window to the last window around the corner of the bedroom. It sounded like a rock being chucked at the glass but it was very quick and was over in a matter of seconds.

We sat wide eyed, jaws open and completely paralyzed. I then looked toward the 2 main front windows and then questioned my friend about the noise since it was so loud and sharp sounding I thought the glass might have been chipped or something. Instantly my friend said "don't look out the never know.....". We managed to gather our thoughts and continue on with our packing up of books and decided a little music would help calm the nerves. Within 5 minutes of hearing the noises from the window, this time the music on, again we heard cracking noises outside the windows. I turned the music off and just before I could say anything we turned toward the windows to hear a thud noise like something heavy was tossed up against the glass.

Quite shaken by this and my adrenalin pumping I got the courage to turn off the lights and draw the curtains so i could see what might be outside from the lighting in the driveway down below (lighting in the room would only cause reflection).

We sat hard up against the opposite wall waiting and watching the outside area to see if maybe one of the staff was playing a trick on us - but with such tight security and such scrutiny of all staff that worked there by the bosses in-charge, I doubted that there would be any messing around especially at night.

After the longest 5 minute wait we both got the shivers and decided to call it quits, turned the lights back on, drew the curtains closed and went to eat! (young bodies need food - could never keep up with my metabolism!) :) After eating we returned to the 2nd floor of the house and played on the game console in an area just outside the bedroom, like an upstairs foyer. Within moments we started getting the chills (I was always getting the chills from the internal air-conditioning system at this house and was always bugging my friend to turn it up) funnily enough the controller was OFF and this area of the house should have been quite warm (??) I decided to get a jumper from my friends room and a pair of socks to warm up. The Bedroom was just as cold but the controller indicated it was ON. I could never work out that incident - two seperate rooms sectioned by a door and 'alot' of space from the area we were sitting to the bedroom itself and the temperature was the same???

Another incident was the week after, my friend had moved the bed toward the opposite wall so the bed head wasn't up against the windows. After school we did the usual and finished up all our work so we could chill out and have some fun. After a long night snacking, swimming at the pool and doing a movie marathon until 4am we decided it was time for bed, like usual we were rugged up like it was winter (Singapore's weather never falls below 24-25 degrees Celsius) here we are in jumpers, tick socks and tracks! We hauled ourselves to bed and didn't stir until morning where I was rudely awakened with a shock.

I was lying on my side when I felt as if someone/thing had blown into my ear twice. It woke me up with such a fright because it was so loud, I turned to look at my friend who was fast asleep and was not near enough to blow in my ear and then hop back into bed again. I instantly thought of the whole 'window' fright we had and decided to cover my head with the covers and wish whatever was around to go away from me.

I relayed all this to my friend and her parents at breakfast and it was something that still gives me goosebumps.

There are many other stories I could tell you but the last thing to add to this house of shivers and strangeness is, a few years later when we both had moved on in our lives and I went to visit her in her home country, my friends mom recalls an interesting story told by the wife of the new diplomat family living in the same house. The wife recalled seeing a man in white dressed in traditional malay style clothing looking into the bedroom we shared together as he walked into the area we would play on the game consol.

Her master bedroom was opposite and when looking out of the bedroom door you can walk into the open planned area where we would watch marathon movies and head off to bed. The new family have had dramas with the thermostat cold rooms when the system was OFF (??) and sightings of a man in white on the grounds by staff, security and family members.

I hope you have enjoyed this story and maybe write in another sometime.

Jennifer K, Vic, Australia
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